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Fishing Report 2013
Jan 1 2014-
The gulftsream fishing has been on fire and on New Years Day we went and caught 2 big Wahoo and 7 Blackfin Tuna and hooked a 14 ft Great White briefly when it ate a tuna we were fighting.  Great time,
inshore the redfish bite is good with the fished schooled up tightly because of the coldfronts and when you get on em we have been catching dozens.

October 24 2014
The Red Drum have continued their run with the saltwater marsh creeks producing 20-30 inch fish and the Jetties and nearshore structure holding the 15-45 pound fish.  Offshore wahoo has been awesome with 50 plus pound Wahoo running around and tasty Black Fin Tuna in the 10-20 pound range.  The deepwater bottom fishing is great right now with snapper and grouper and triggerfish and Sea Bass.  The offshore fishing will continue through Christmas and the inshore Speckled Trout bite should be on fire any day now.  As I sit writing this there is frost on the ground with a high temp of 60 this afternoon which may signal the start of the Trout run. Call now and lets go get em, - Capt "Cush"

September 16 2013
What a busy year its been.  Last few weeks the inshore fishing for Redfish has been awesome.  Had a trip last week with Blake that we had to leave em biting.  Was getting late so I said " as soon as we go 3 minutes without a bite we gotta call it a day".  30 minutes later I had to change that to " 2 mins with out a bite we gotta leave".  Then I just looked at him and said we gotta go.  Every cast a 20-30 inch Redfish.  Yesterday on a charter we got caught in a torrential downpour that lasted 2 hours and the fish loved it.  We caught the biggest creek Redfish I have ever caught 38 inches and 15-18 pounds.  The big girls are out at the Jetties and when they are chewing fish up in the 40 pound range are biting.
Offshore we put snappers, grouper, triggers and sea bass in the box and trolling we have caught some nice Wahoo and Blackfin Tuna.  
Thats on 12 hr trip.  On the 6-8 hr trips we have been crushing the Amberjack , Barracuda, King Mackerel and occassional Cobia.
on the 4-5 hr offshore trip the sharks have been cooperating along with bluefish ,sea bass ,and Spanish Mackerel.  Fall is the best fishing here so come get some !!!

June 30th 2013
Caught 5 nice Redfish yesterday morning along with a couple small flounder.  Earlier in the week before the wind made getting offshore impossible we caught Tiger Sharks from 7 to 11 feet long as well as Cobia to 30 pounds.  With July 4th coming next week , I expect the big redfish bite to be full on!! Also looking to break the 6 lb mark for Flounder as so far this year thats been our biggest .  July should be good for Gulfstream all day fishing as well ,  need to get out there and get some Mahi for for the Grill

June 1st 2013-

Lots of Cobia and Big Sharks and Mahi Mahi and Red Drum this past week.  June is one of my favorite months to fish, actually , my favorite .  Everything is biting .  Check out the Cobia fishing videos on my You Tube tab on left of screen.  Great video of Tiger Sharks by the boat too.

May 18 2013-

The fishing has been great recently.  We caught a nice 6 pound flounder last week along with some other good fish.  The redfish bite has been really good with double digit catches some trips and offshore the sharks are chewing like crazy and the Cobia and King Mackerel have shown up.  In the Gulfstream the Mahi Mahi bite is Peaking and there are still Wahoo buzzing around as well as snapper and Grouper.  Let me know what you want to fish for and right now we ll probably catch it.

April 10 2013-

We went 3 for 11 on Wahoo and jigged some Amberjack and a 40 pound Gag Grouper which we had to release.  Two weeks from now we will be allowed to keep em though.  Beautiful day on the water, heck of a bite.  Caught Bonitas and Barracuda as well .  Big fish out there and steady bite.  After this front blows through gonna head back out and improve our catch ratio

April 8 2013
 On April 8 2013 we caught a 140 lb Mako Shark and a couple Wahoo up to 45 pounds and some Mahi Mahi as well as a nice Blackfin Tuna.  The Gulfstream is hot right now with all species biting some trips.  Inshore on April 6 we caught over 20 black drum as well as a few Redfish up to 30 inches. The last week has seen the best fishing of the year both inshore and offshore.  We will be heading back to the Gulfstream in the morning and will try to post pictures.

March 21 2013 

The cold air and strong winds of the last month haven't hurt the fishing. Double Digit catches of Black Drum and Redfish have been happening throughout March.  Yesterday we fished through 30 knot wind gusts and landed 7 Black Drum and a nice 27" Redfish as well as losing half a dozen others.  The Black Drum were from 16-21 inches and 2-5 pounds.   These bruisers really make you work to get them in on light tackle.  The reservations have started picking up , so call now  to book your Spring or Summer fishing trip here in Myrtle Beach

February 28, 2013


Wind was howling 25-35 mph and with the 52 degree air it felt COLD.  Water temp was right around 60 degrees somehow ( due to the bright sun ) and my clients were wanting to go fishing even though they had been enough to know that conditions were less than favorable for a big catch.   First flat we went by we saw a couple Redfish blow off a bank.  Too far and shallow to get to .  Next stop had a single swim by with no chance to cast to him.  Next stop we chummed heavy with fresh shrimp for about 1/2 hr without a bite.  Off a couple hundred yards saw another guide fishing and we watched as they caught a couple redfish in a small spot.  15 minutes later they caught another one.  When they caught their 4 th fish I broke down and called him and asked if we could move in close to them to try and get my guys some fish.   He said sure and after 10 minutes getting anchored in the howling wind we were set up.  An hour and a half later we had caught over a dozen Black Drum in the 2-4 pound range and a few nice Redfish from 3-4 pounds.   I would never force myself into a small area where someone was already fishing , though I have had it happen numerous times to me by people who do not understand courtesy on the water ( some are even fishing guides ) , but it was really nice of Mark Dixon on Shallow Minded Charters to bring us in on his pod of fish.   Courtesy and cooperation make for a great time on the water and his clients and mine had a blast catching double digits of nice fish on what could have been a really tough day.  

March is here and hopefully warmer temps and the fish are biting .  The phone has been ringing and reservations are picking up.  Please reserve your trips now for the Spring and Summer.  It hurts me as much as you when availability gets so tight it doesn't fit your schedule.  Book today and lets go catch em up.

February 2013

We did 4 Gulfstream trips in January and early February and caught WAHOO every trip.  The best day we had 5 from 40-60 pounds and a caught a confused 15 pound Mahi Mahi.


The Wahoo!

January 6, 2013

Caught Wahoo and Tuna and Bonitas on full day Gulfstream trip.  Inshore the Redfish have been snapping.  Book your trip today. 

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