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Fishing Report 2010 Myrtle Beach SC

March 1 2010-
Well its been a long cold winter.  How cold ?  Yesterday while coming home down the intra-coastal waterway I saw a seal sunning itself on a jetski launch in North Myrtle Beach.    Managed to catch 8 redfish between 16 and 20 inches.   What  winter.

Jan 14 2010-
Had three fisherman come out looking to have a good time and try something besides golf while in town.   We went out and caught 50 or 60 Sea Bass with some real nice keepers and 8 or so sharks .   We had a good time.   The redfish are in the creeks and the Sea Bass are biting as well as sharks so come on out and let's go get 'em.

Jan 7 2010-
Had Kyle and Crystal and Heidi out looking for fish on the 7 th.   They were originally from Minnesota so figured what the heck, why not try fishing since it was Kyle's and Heidi's 25 th anniversary ..  We left dock at 10 am in 34 degree weather and shot out about 5 miles to some ledges and caught some sea bass and sharks.   Some of the sea bass were nice keeper size and the sharks were 2-4 foot spiny dog sharks.   Water was flat calm and they were great to have out.   Have another shark trip booked this weekend coming up but there are some nice weather days coming up if you would like to try and get out there.  Reds are in the creeks and still can have a shot at a trout now.  Give me a call and lets go get 'em.   Call Cush

Jan 1 2010- Happy New Year

Bluefin trip was good but the fish didnt bite, none have been caught in the last week in the Myrtle Beach to Southport area.  We made it out a few days ago and the swells were pretty big, 3-5 foot or so and weather started turning around 11 am to the rougher side.  Headed into shallower water and  saw  a 30 foot long whale around 1 pm however and followed him for 1/2 hour.  Pretty amazing.  I Think this Monday or Tuesday the wind may finally lay down enough to try again, we'll see.    

December 26 2009-  Merry Christmas
Fished 2 days last week and tried for Bluefin Tuna.  MAde it out 40 miles to a good spot but the fish didnt bite.  Next day made it about 15 miles and turned in to the Waterway because the Weatherman must have been smoking something, his forecast was way the hell off.   Worked my way back home down the intra-coastal and caught 2 black drum and 8 or 9 redfish.  Water temp was around 49 to 51 degrees  and the fish were biting pretty subtle..  but once you set the hook it was business as usual .   Going out in the morn to try for the Bluefin Tuna again.  Kinda like snipe hunting so far.. but one of these days its gonna happen and I will make that picture my home page picture.  Meanwhile give me a shout if you wanna try for the redfish or speckled trout or sea bass and Black Drum that are around right now.  There is also pretty good shark fishing.   For 1 or 2 people I can work a deal on a Bluefin Tuna trip / Shark trip if weather cooperates. 

December 16 2009- 
Had a 5 hour trip with 3 fun guys from Maryland.   Caught a dozen or so redfish , biggest 24 inches.  Also nabbed a few black Drum in the 4-6 pound range.  The Sheephead bit pretty hard as well with us catching a dozen but they were small for the most part with the biggest going 2 1/2 to 3 pounds.   Going out looking for the Big Bluefin Tuna in am .  Weather permitting should have a good fish story tommorow
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