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2012 Fishing Report

November 14, 2012-

Speckled Trout have been consistently biting as well as Redfish.  Some days the Black Drum are showing up and in big numbers.  Made it offshore to the Gulfstream last week and caught 2 Wahoo'' - a 50 pounder and a 20 pounder as well as some Blackfin Tuna and King Mackerel.  Inshore its been  double digit numbers of Trout and Reds and Black Drum every trip .  Some times of year are better than others for Catching , Right now is the TIME to get out here Catching, not fishing. 

November 5, 2012-  

Awesome fishing right now.  Didint have a charter last Friday but had to go, caught a couple Flounder up to 4 1/2 pounds, 15 Speckled Trout from 2 1/2 to 4 pounds , Redfish and Black Drum !! Fall fishing at its best.  I will be heading to the Keys for the month of December to fish and will return in January to fish the great Wahoo and Red Drum bite here.  Planning on getting offshore for some monster Wahoo fishing later this week.  Give me a call and get in on some fantastic fishing , inshore and offshore will be on fire all this month. 

October 20, 2012-

Fishing has kept me on the water most of the time lately , and its been great.  Big reds biting at the jetties, Flounder to 5 pounds in the waterway and some real nice Speckled Trout to 5 pounds have been the mainstay.  However, now that the water is cooling we had a great catch of Black Drum yesterday , landing 10 in the 4-5 pound range along with 3 nice sheephead up to 8 pounds.  The cooler water has the Stripers biting as well with us landing a good 30 " fish last week.  Offshore the Wahoo bite has been on fire !!! and only getting better.  It is also the time of year to try for Grouper which have come inshore from the break 50-60 miles out.   King Mackerel are biting good too within 10 miles so ,  as soon as you stop reading this report call me up and book your Myrtle Beach Fishing Trip and let's go get em! 843-997-5850

September 12, 2012-

Fall fishing is here and they are biting.  This past week with the exception of one inshore afternoon trip we have caught Red Drum every time out.  Yesterday I took Blake looking for them and we found them at just about every spot we stopped.  That was a lot of spots as it was a full day of fishing .  We ended up catching 15-20 Redfish and losing another half dozen with a couple screamers that got away.  Bait is everywhere and speckled trout and flounder are biting as well as the reds though not as frequently.  The monster 20-50 pound reds that normally are biting regularly from the end of August til mid October have been spotty and smaller as the bulk of the big fish havent moved in yet .  I expect them to any day as they are a couple weeks late right now .  I believe any time now will be an all out blitz of these huge breeding fish which top 50 pounds .
Out in the gulfstream we did a couple trips last week and caught King Mackerel to 35 pounds as well as Mahi Mahi to 20 pounds and some skip jack Tuna in the 10 pound range.   Big Wahoo, Tuna and Billfish are a real good possibility all fall, so come on down and lets get out to the blue water of the Gulfstream and spend a day hunting the big ones.  

September 12, 2012-
August  28 2012-

Yesterday  I got to fish  Jimmy and his wife Mary and brother Robert and their nephew Tyler out fishing for the 4 th year in a row.  The main goal was to catch dinner as we have done the last  couple of trips.  Everyone caught a redfish or 2  and we landed 2 flounder but the  goal of a fish dinner didnt happen as most fish were just under the slot limit size for keeping .  Both flounder missed the new 15 " size limit by less than a 1/4 " and most reds did as well.   This bodes well for next year as its good to see  fish that will be around with a few more pounds on them but cheeseburgers became our dinner.  We ended having a good time and caught a dozen or so of our target species .  This is the time of year when catching dinner is a very real possibility as well as having shots at some trophy size fish.  Saturday I had an offshore trip and had a nice Sailfish on briefly and landed Barracuda to 35 pounds and Amberjack and a couple mystery fish that screamed line and came unglued.  We bottom fished and landed some nice Black Sea Bass which made for a great dinner along with some snapper.  Whether your fishing inshore or offshore right now we are entering the best couple months of fishing anywhere on the East coast right here in Myrtle Beach.  Giant Redfish have made a few appearances the last couple weeks and will be getting real consistent in the next week as well as some awesome flounder and trout fishing.   Oh , if your interested in catching a shark , every trip we have been off the beach the sharks have been readily accessible and eager to bite, sometimes too eager as we have lost some nice bottom fish to shark attacks this week.  Call me today to get out there and wrestle with some big fish.  Its been a great season and I want to thank all the new folks that have been out fishing with me so far this year and especially all my return guests, without all of you I couldn't do what I do .   Hope to fish with you all again soon. Capt "CUSH" 843-997-5850.  Fishing Myrtle Beach for over 15 years.

August 5 2012-  
The Flounder have been biting on most trips as well as the Redfish.  We caught Redfish the last 2 weeks from 5 pounds to 15 pounds with some real fun action in the calm shallow waters of the salt marsh as well as some Flounder to 6 pounds.  Offshore the Sharks have been cooperative with some true monsters on some trips.  At the inlet and nearshore reefs the Bluefish have bit most trips averaging 2-3 pounds and some real nice Ladyfish have shown up the last couple of days with one around 8 pounds.   Also some smaller Cobias have been biting on most trips this week from 24-34 inches. The big 15-50 pound Redfish will start chewing at the inlet with some good consistency towards the beginning of September with an occasional giant popping up every week between now and then.  Call or text 843-997-5850 now to reserve your inshore or offshore fishing trip. 

July 15 2012-

Had some great trips catching Redfish this week.  One day every time we dropped a bait it was literally less than a minute between bites with fish between 8 and 15 pounds.  Offshore shark fishing has been steady for the 2-4 ft Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks and Cobia have shown up most trips averaging 15-30 pounds.  Yesterday we tried for Cobias and saw a few and hooked 3 Tiger Sharks between 7 and 10 feet long.  Offshore the King mackerel have decided to show and Mahi Mahi are avail on 8 hour trips.  The gulfstream has Marlin and Mahi and Wahoo available too.  Call or Text 843-997-5850 to reserve as dates are filling up for July and August.  Thanks to everyone who has been out fishing with Capt Cush and hope to see you again soon.

July 1 2012-
Inshore we have caught some great fish the last couple weeks, Speckled Sea Trout to 6 lbs and numerous big Flounder as well as Redfish up to 10 pounds or so in the creeks.  
Nearshore up to 20 miles or less we have landed Cobia every trip for the last couple weeks with an incredible day 2 days ago where we hooked 7 Cobia up to 60 + pounds .  
Mahi Mahi are out 30-80 miles offshore and the King Mackerel have finally shown up so whether you are looking inshore or offshore the fishing is on !!.   Call or text 843-997-5850 to Captain "Cush" and get your trip reserved.  Hard to talk on phone during day when we are offshore out of range usually but feel free to call or text and I'll get back to you asap.

June 5 th-

Fishing has been good inshore with redfish trout and flounder biting most trips.  Nearshore 5 -10 miles the spanish Mackerel have been cooperative along with some Cobia and lots of sharks.  Catching 3-4 ft sharks on spinning rods can be alot of fun with an occassional 8-10 footer showing up some days.  Black Sea Bass season just opened so a delicious dinner can be had on most trips nearshore and offshore where they thrive. Grouper are biting about 50 miles out along with Mahi Mahi and more Cobia.  60-80 miles offshoe the Blue Marlin have shown uo along with some Tuna and wahoo and off course its peak season for Mahi Mahi right now.  Check out the Rates page and book a trip right now while there are available dates

May 16 2012-  

Spanish Mackerel and Cobia are here.  King Mackerel are getting better and the inshore fishing is getting good.  Flounder have shown up and the Redfish are biting good.  Grey Trout still around some days   

May 10 2012-
The grey trout bite was on fire the last week with us catching almost 40 on one trip and they were 2-5 pounds.  The redfish have started biting again and are turning on good some days.  We were offshore 20 miles 2 days ago and the bait was everywhere.  Flying fish and at least a dozen pods of cigar minnows 100 's of yard long.   The cobia should bite any day now.  Also offshore the Grouper fishing is good .  Its taking a 50-60 mile run to get to them but there are some beauts out there.  Finally the Flounder bite is on.  Some days they are chewing the bottom out of the boat .  Call today to reserve your charter .  Call "Cush" 843 997 5850

May 1  2012-

Computer crash erased previous fishing report for 2012 so here s a breakdown.   Caught a dozen 3-4 foot long sharks yesterday and flounder and Sea Bass.   2 days ago caught 4 King Mackerel and tons of Sea Bass.  Day before that we fished inshore and caught some nice Flounder , with one almost 5 pounds along with some redfish and speckled Trout.   Nearshore the Grey Trout bit good and we caught some up to 5 pounds.  In the gulfstream the Mahi Mahi are thick and running 10-40 lbs along with Blackfin Tuna and Billfish.
Call Capt Cush today to reserve your fishing trip - inshore on the 22 ft bay boat or offshore on the 35 ft center console. 843-997 -5850

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