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2011 FISHING REPORT Myrtle Beach SC

November 28 2011-

Went to the Gulfstream twice last week and caught 2 Wahoo and lost 2 and got 4 of 7 Blackfin Tuna.  Wahoo were in the 30lb + range.  Had a couple charters and got a lot of small trout and on a particularily beautiful day went out to some live bottom about 25 miles and had non stop action from Grey Trout, Whiting and Sharks.  Had a ball with Wes, his Dad and brother and Justin.  These local guys are a lot of fun to fish with and have been out 6 or 7 times with me and always seem to have good luck. 

November 11 2011- 
Well its been a little longer than I meant to update report but I guess its a good thing in a way because I have been too busy fishing to hunker down and mess with the computer.  With the exception of one trip that I can think of , the last 6 weeks has been awesome !!!  The big Redfish bite was good along with some real nice Black Drum and Flounder and then about 2 weeks ago thru yesterday we have seen a ton of Speckled Trout.   Some days they were running 2-4 pounds while the last couple we have been catching 10-20 or more but small from 10- 15 inches.  A lot of fun on artificial lures and light tackle.  Heading offshore in the morning looking for Wahoo and Tuna and will update sooner next time.  Also a big thankyou to all my clients that have been coming back fishing with me year after year and thankyou to my new clients and friends that have been fishing with me.   Without you all there is no Capt Cush Calmwater Fishing Charters.  Fishing should be great all the way thru New Years so give me a shout and "let's go get 'em"  . Call Capt Cush right now at 843 997 5850 and lets go fishing !!!

Sept 26 2011- 

Big Red Drum have been chewing hard for the last week.  Fish 10 to 20 pounds have been abundant  with the occasional 30 to 50 pound monster showing up.   This should continue for the next 6 weeks with peak fishing now til late October.   When the bite is on we have hooked 3 at a time.  Give Capt "Cush" a call and get out there and get some !!!!

Sept 6-

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend-  The Storm that went by a couple weeks ago pushed the big Mullett out of the rivers and down the beach and we have had some incredible action right on the beach.  4 to 6 foot sharks ripping through the enormous schools of bait exploding 5 - 8 feet out of the water with 2-4 pound Mullet leaping for their lives.  Truly amazing to see this event .  We've caught some nice Spinner and Black Tip sharks and inshore the Bigger Redfish are showing up.  Should be fantastic fishing for the next couple months as the Bait gets thicker and the fish Load Up on it for winter.  Book your trip today and lets go catch a Monster Fish !!!

August 28 - 

Hurricane Irene went by like a big thunderstorm. 

No damage and managed to fish right up to day before it was here.  Caught
some nice flounder back in the creeks even thought the water temp was 86
.  Managed a couple redfish as well and when we went offshore thursday we tricked a
couple Barracuda into biting.
Fall fishing is any day now and can be absolutely epic so call and book your Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter with Capt Cush today - 843 997 5850.

July 28th-

Spanish Mackerel and Barracuda were biting yesterday offshore and Redfish and Flounder in the creeks.  Weather looks great this week.  Call for Gulfstream or offshore or inshore fishing.

July 13th-

Caught a 40 inch and a 27 inch Redfish in the first 2o minutes this morning and charter wanted fish to eat (go figure) so we headed offshore a few miles to look for Spanish Mackerel and Blues and Flounder.  Got a nice 3 pound 20 inch Flounder and some smaller Bluefish and tons of short Sea bass.  Redfish were awesome but we are not allowed to keep them over 23 inches so today we left them biting.  I have had many many trips trying to find Reds to fight for sport and struggled or just found smaller ones so it was a little tough to leave them biting but glad we got the Flounder.  Also had a nice Flounder yesterday at the same spot and some real nice Redfish and 2 days ago got into some awesome Black Drum in the 23- 28 inch range 8lb's to 15 pounds as well as some Spanish Mackerel to 4 pounds.

July 7th 2011-

Had a pair of 11 pound Redfish back in the creeks yesterday.  Morning trip we caught a Flounder and a couple smaller Reds.   In the afternoon the bigger Reds showed up.  Heading offshore tommorow for Kings and Cobia. 

June 27th-
Caught 3 Redfish out of 4 bites this morning- a 4 pounder,  5 pounder and 11 pounder.  Also bunch of croakers and other fish while waiting on the reds.  Caught a few yesterday as well and will be after them tomorrow .  Bait everywhere and when we got on the first school of Redfish had a couple porpoise blow through 2 feet of water at Mach 5 blowing the school out within 5 feet of the Boat.  .  Fun day .  Call "CUSH" and lets go fish myrtle beach  843 997 5850

June 17 2011-
Redfish and Speckled Trout and Flounder all this past week were the catches.  Also a 500 pound Tiger Shark and some Spanish Mackerel and Cobia.   Call Cush today and reserve your Myrtle Beach Fishing Charter Memory.  843 997 5850  Call Capt "Cush" now


June 4 2011-

 We took my 35 foot center console out all day last Friday and caught 7 Mahi Mahi from7 to 35 pounds.  Beautiful weather and great fish.  We then went bottom fishing and lost a big Grouper in the rocks but landed numerous large Sea Bass from1-4 pounds and trigger fish and a couple sharks.  I will be fishing the inshore waters the next couple days as the wind is supposed to blow so we will concentrate on catching Flounder and Redfish and maybe Speckled Trout.   Give us a call and lets go Fish Myrtle Beach. 843 997 5850 Call Capt Cush now while there are fishing charters available.

May 22 2011-
Fishing inshore has been really consistent lately with good catches of Flounders and Redfish.  Some days the Flounder are on the small throw back size and other days the bigger keepers seem to be feeding.     Redfish post about every other trip with fish averaging in the 20- 30 inch range.  The bluefish have kept us busy some days with 1-3 pounders attacking our baits and the sharks have shown up along with the pogies so the nearshore and offshore bite is on.  With my 35 foot center console we can target Mahi mahi and Wahoo and King Mackerel and Tuna.  May and June seem to be 2 of the best months of the year for this full day fishing trip .
On my 22 ft inshore boat we can fish the marsh and creeks and nearshore wrecks. 
Call "Cush" today 843 997 5850 and reserve your myrtle beach fishing trip today

May 2 2011-  
 Fishing has been good to great the last month.  Yesterday was a "slow" day where I had some repeat clients on board looking for Redfish and Flounder.  We started off with a nice 3 pound 20 inch Flounder and then had 4 or 5 Redfish bites , landing one.  next spot we tried waiting out a school of Redfish that never materialized.   ( Last week we had some 35 and 50 fish days on that tide )  While the Redfish never showed up there we did have about 30 Flounder bites and landed a dozen or so with another one around 3 pounds pulling off at the boat.  We decided to make a move as the full day trip was coming to  a close and managed a couple Redfish in a different area on the way home and another couple Flounder.  We have been getting quite a few Flounder on most trips as well as Redfish.  One day we caught over 50 Redfish and the next day only 1.  The following day 2 Redfish and the day after that 35 Redfish or so.   Hey, I guess thats why its called fishing , not catching.  The weather has been great and the sights awesome with Bald Eagles and dolphin and just being out on the water enjoying the day woth the price of going.
Also had a shark trip last week where we caught 2 Sharks.  One was a 20lb Black tip shark and the other a 14 pound Atlantic Sharpnose.   Call me today to reserve your fishing dates as the Fishing has been really good and the days available are starting to get smaller and smaller 843 997 5850.
The King Mackerel have shown up as well and the Cobias are sure to be here any day so lats go get  'em !!!

April 4 2011,
We have had some good fishing days in the last couple weeks.  Trout have shown up some days and redfish as well as the Flounder.  Winter is behind us and the Flounder and Redfishing should just get better and better every day.  Offshore the King Mackerel and Cobia should be about 15- 25 miles out and getting closer.   I did a little scouting yesterday and found a few schools of reds.  One school hung out for over an hour and must of have had 30-50 fish in it.  There were mullets mixed in as well.  The Reds would swirl on top and almost swim into the boat.  Never got one to take a bait which was mind blowing.  Usually finding them is 85% of the eqation and the other 15% is just landing them but these fish had something else going on.  We have had a big front push through and I plan on revisiting them with a different outcome.  Call me today if you want to plan your North Myrtle Beach Fishing trip and Lets go fishing. 843 997 5850

March 22 2011,
Well, hell.  Had first trip of the year with a skunk this morning.  Cant remember last time that happened .  Awesome folks from St Louis but the fish were having no part of the morning 4 hour trip today.  Had an afternoon trip with Patricia and her 3 sons and brother from Nebraska.  Started a little slow then we caught a crab (hey, something right ?)  then we caught a Flounder , then we caught a nice Black Drum about 3 1/2 pounds or so.  Had a couple fish get away on us but overall a beautiful day and fun trip.  2 days ago went out with Bobbie who just had enpugh of sitting on land and decided she was going fishing.  Chartered me for a 4 hour trip and nailed 'em.  We basically sat on the boat drinking a couple beers for about 2 1/2 hours waiting on the tide t get right and we found the motherload of Redfish.  One was 18 inches and another was 23 , but the other 15 were 24 to 34 inches and big and feisty.  Spring fishing is like that, Hero to Zero.  Some days we catch a bunch and some days its a struggle to put a few good ones in the boat.  But one thing I can promise is If you go with me you are going o be in the right places at the right times and fish will be around. 
Interestingly and slightly embarrassingly , on the morning trip we got skunked on, twice we saw Osprey with fish flying off.  One looked like a pretty nice trout.  Man, it stings when the birds outfish you.  If after reading this you are ready to give it a try , call "Cush" today at 843 997 5850 and lets go get after them.  There are some great fish out there waiting to get tricked.   Let's go fish myrtle beach.

March 15 2011- 
Fished 2 days ago.  Had a group of good anglers form Minesota and we caught a 2 pound Redfish and a 21 inch speckled Trout around 3 1/2 pounds.  Nice to see trout that size around after the cold winter we had.  Fish were caught on artificial baits and had a few on that went away.   It was an interesting trip as I ran and fished over a dozen spots and only one place was holding fish for us.   beautiful day though.   Some trips you can catch a dozen or two and some trips you cant buy a strike.  Glad we managed to trick a couple into holding onto the baits.  Good time out there and beautiful day.  heading out Thursday and Friday and will report back.  HEADS UP!!!  Starting to book a lot of days for the late Spring and Summer Season.  Last year there were weeks when I turned down oven 20 requests for charters because I was booked.  Book early and get the day and time you want , whether its morning or evening.   Call "Cush" to book your Myrtle Beach Fishing Trip now. 843  997 5850

MARCH 3 2011-
Last couple trips out have produced Redfish inshore up to 5 pounds and offshore, Flounder to 6 pounds and Sea Bass and Sharks.  Weather has warmed up the Marsh and the fishing is getting pretty good right now .  I am finishing prepping the new boat I purchased this winter , a 35 ft pro line center console with twin 250's and will be water testing and running it in preparation for Gulf Stream trips starting in April.   

Call 843 997 5850 and talk directly with Capt "Cush" about whats biting and set up a trip TODAY.  The fish are biting, what are you doing ?
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