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2010 Fishing Report

December 26 2010-
Went out Christmas Morning at 5 am to hunt the Bluefin Tuna off Southport.  Somehow Sharon and Isley decided they had enough staying home and went with me. It was 25 degrees when we put the boat in.  Water was slick calm all day as we headed out 40 miles to the fishing grounds.  We saw plenty of Porpoise but no Bluefin Tuna.  After checking a few spots I decided to change gears and we started Sea Bass Fishing on some spots that have held big schools over the last couple years.  After an hour of checking old spots and fishing without even a small bass or shark we made a move to check some virgin territory.  On our way to some numbers off a chart we marked a blip and circled around to try it.  A couple hours later we had caught over a hundred and kept 25 Sea Bass from 15 to 18 inches long with the Boca Grip calling a couple over 4 lbs.  We managed to catch a couple Flounder as well in 95 feet of water.  One was over 5 pounds.  While we were catching the Sea Bass I saw an explosion on the surface of the Ocean about 600 yards away.  I do mean an explosion !  It Looked like the Tuna had decided to show up .  As I felt my heart thumping the great fish leaped again 8 feet out of the water and again and again.  It looked like a shark at least 10 feet long .  It was impressive and exciting but not a Tuna.   Not sure what kind of shark it was as it looked like a Mako but the sea water temperature was only 57 degrees.   On the way home we came across a pod of 50 to 75 dolphin and as we slowed to an idle to watch them, a few came near the boat to check us out.   Beautiful day on the flat calm Ocean albeit a tad chilly.  But after the last month of incessant winds , I'll take a llttle chill and a flat ocean over the couch any day of the week.  Inshore the redfish have been biting and it sounds like there are some Trout still around so if you want to go give 'em a try,  give me a call and we'll go fish Myrtle Beach

December 7, 2010
Fished with Ronnie who owns Longbeards Bar and Grill here in Myrtle Beach.  It was cold but fun.  Trout bit Ok as we landed 5 or 6 and a couple Redfish in the 19 inch range.  Had a Bald Eagle follow us down the Waterway for a while.  I'll be heading back out to the country in the morning to our Buddy Bill's farm hunting tomorrrow but will be back at the fishing Friday.  Give me a call and lets Fish Myrtle Beach.  Sounds like the Bluefin Tuna are getting caught off Morehead which hopefully translates to us getting a shot down here on the NC SC border.   Nice to have all these options .   As the Trout bite slows the Sea  Bass fishing nearshore will get red hot and the Redfishing is really good right now if you spend the time hunting them down. 
November 27, 2010 -- Happy Thanksgiving !
Fished Monday and caught 25 trout from 11 to 21 inches 1 -3 pounds.  Also caught 15 or so Redfish from 15 to 20 inches and 5 Black Drum from 3 -5 pounds and 2 Flounder that were just keeper size though we let them go.  Tues  I ran a friends 35 ft custom offshore.  We had wanted to try for Wahoo but had boat issues and made it just 20 miles out.  While trolling for King Mackerel which proved elusive we found a nice ledge and caught a dozen big Sea Bass in the 2-3 pound range.  Wednesday I was back inshore fishing and we caught a Sheepshead, a Trout, a Striped Bass and a few small Bluefish.  The bite had slowed, but then on Thursday the Trout turned on again and we caught 2 dozen with some nice sized keepers.   If you get a chance look on Youtube at the new video I loaded of a 500 pound Tiger Shark we caught in September that had 20 Cobias swimming with it.  Its pretty sweet.  Go to Youtube and Crazecush videos.  Give me a call and lets fish Myrle Beach.

November 15, 2010
 Yesterday we  got a nice Striped Bass around 7 pounds and today caught over 20 speckled Trout.   Saw a pair of Bald Eagles hunting and a Deer came running down an island and jumped in the water in front of me and swam to another island.   As I was coming home a pod of Dolphin came meandering down the waterway and passed  my boat.  The fishing can be great this time of year but even if the bite does not happen there is no better place to be than out on the water Fishing Myrtle Beach trying for the big ones. 
Today the Trout went from 12 inches up to 19 inches and last couple days we have caught some over 20 inches.  This is a great month for fishing with a good bite of Black Drum and Trout happening.  Call Cush today and Fish Myrtle Beach 843 997 5850

 November 5, 2010-

Fishing and weather have been great.   Speckled trout have bit decent with nice size fish around.  Went out with my fishing partner couple days ago and caught a 3 pound and 4 1/2 pound speck .  Also caught 7 pound Striped Bass and some smaller ones.   One Striper I caught on a lure had shrimp tentacles hanging out his throat so , go figure what they are keying on.  Been some excellent Grey Trout fishing when the weather lets me get out to them.  Can only keep one per person with new regulations but we released 40 or more the other day.   The cold wether should really fire up the bite as well.   Going to get some new thermal underwear for the cold mornings and the hot bite.  November is an excellent time to fish Myrtle Beach so 843 997 5850 pick up the phone and book your Myrtle Beach FIshing trip right now- Capt Cush -

October 11, 2010- 
We caught a 5 1/2 pound flounder 2 days ago and 3 pound flounder yesterday as well as a 27 pound Redfish and some Bluefish.  The big Reds are here though some days more cooperative than others.   Come on out and fish myrtle beach .  The bite is on!

Oct 6 2010- 
Fishing has been really good most days.  Caught a 40 pound Redfish yesterday and a couple keeper Flounder. 

September 20, 2010
We have had some great trips the last couple weeks.  Still catching 5 to 10 redfish most trips in the creeks and the big 15 to 40 pounders have bit the last couple days too.   Did an offshore trip last week where we caught 12 or 14 Barracuda with the biggest being over 60 inches and weighing over 60 pounds.   HAd a nice 35 pound Amberjack that day as well as  a Sailfish on for about 10 seconds before he jumped and threw the hook.  Went back offshore with Blake and Melissa a couple days later looking for a big shark and hooked and fought a 450 pound Tiger Shark for a little over 6 hours.  Every hour or two she'd come to the surface and we'd catch a Cobia or 2 off of her.  She had 15 to 20 Cobia's swimming with her and we managed 1 nice keeper and 7 others that were smaller than the Federal limits.  It was awesome.  You could see 4 and 5 of them fighting to get to the bait when we cast at the shark.  The Shark was 10 + foot long and pretty incredible looking.  I have some video footage I need to edit and will post pics and video as time allows.  Come on out fishing, this is the best time to fish Myrtle Beach.  Weather is perfect and the fish are biting.
September 1, 2010  
Fished yesterday and caught 11 Redfish in the creeks up to 12 pounds and 7 Flounder up to 4 pounds.
Celebrated my birthday 2 days ago with Greg and his buddy Irving and Greg's sons.  This is 2nd time out with me and we caught a couple Redfish in the Waterway and a 100lb Nurse Shark and some Ribbonfish and a couple Flounder at the end of the day which we cooked up and ate at Longbeards Restaraunt.   Believe it or not that was a slow day for what's been going on the last couple weeks.   Fished with my Mom and Fiance' the day before and we caught 7 Flounder which were all 3-5 pounds and some Redfish.  Trip before that we caught 5 or 6 Reds and 5 or 6 Flounder.   Havent seen the Monster Redfish the last couple trips but have been getting some nice ones in the creeks from 15 to 34 inches.  The Hurricane looks to be heading North of us and weather looks good so lets go fish Myrtle Beach.  Best Fishing of the year right now.  843 997 5850
August 24, 2010 
  This has been a good August and the bite has gotten red hot this week with the Mullet running and Spanish Mackerel , Redfish and Flounder chasing them.  Yesterday there were 100,000's of Mullet everywhere with predators exploding all around us.  Spanish Mackerel were leaping out of the water almost landing in the boat as they pursued the Mullet army heading out of the estuary and out to sea.   The Big Redfish bite has started with us getting a 26 pounder yesterday and a 32 pounder trip before that.  Both days saw us landing and releasing 6 -10 redfish in the 8 to 12 pound range and numerous Flounder.  A 200 pound Spotted Eagle Ray was skyrocketing around the inlet attacking the Mullet schools and more than once jumped 6 FEET out of the water.  Sea turtles are out and about as well and we had one 4 footer hang out at the boat for a while  while we caught Redfish.   Call Capt Cush now and get in on the best Myrtle Beach Fishing of the Year.   This is what you have wanted to do for a long time so let's go get "em. 843 997 5850
August 24, 2010
   Fishing has been really consistent with a good Flounder Bite and Redfish bite.   Yesterday we caught 6 or 7 Redfish from 10 pounds up to 30 pounds.    We then went in the creeks and caught 8 or 9 Flounder with 2 keepers 15 - 19 inches.   We are now going into the best Fishing time of the year.  Here are some pictures of trips this month.  Call Capt Cush NOW and book your Myrtle Beach Fishing Trip now .

April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!  On a 6 hour North Myrtle Beach fishing trip today and caught 2 flounder.  One 12 inches and the other 16 1/2 inches and fat.  First keeper flounder of the year for the "Bite Me" boat.   Got both on jig heads with mud minnows. Also found a school of reds mulling in the creek.  I'd push towards them and they'd slowly pull back  a little.  Pole towards them and they'd pull back the same distance.  Waited them out and hooked 3 ,caught 2.  18 inch red and 17 inch red both on gulp shrimp baits.  Tried for the trout in the waterway and creeks off and on during the day with DOA's and Gulp's and Power Shrimp but no Trout bites.   Water was real clear and blue and looked perfect for 'em but maybe next trip.   I know they are there, lets go get 'em! Michael and Jason were with me from NC and made for good fishing partners.  Main target was Redfish so we concentrated on them for most of the trip.  Weather was absolutely perfect and this time of year a slow bite can explode into furious action in an instant.   I have a good feeling next trip will be an inshore slam with Red Trout and Flounder.  The sunny warming days are getting me more active and I think the fish are feeling it too.     

March 28, 2010 

Been up in the creeks looking for and finding redfish the last week or so.  The reds have been skittish but managed to catch 4 last trip out and had a bruiser over 30 inches on for a few minutes till he ran around an oyster bar.  After picking at em for a few hours we headed offshore since the seas were slick and tried for Sheephead and Black Bass.  Well, if you like action, we had action.   A couple of keeper Sea Bass and dozens and dozens of sharks.  When you brought one up 4 or 5 followed him to the boat where you could sight cast to them.  They were anywhere from 2-4 feet long and kept us busy for a while.   We then started prospecting for trout which have slowly shown up the last 1 1/2 weeks.  Have a trip in am and will report back, this time with camera .  Let' s go fishing.  Water temp is up and you dont even have to wear a wool cap anymore.   Heck, I even wore shorts on the last trip.   Thank goodness spring is here! 

March 19, 2010 

Reds on the shallow flats at low tides, sharks eating at the nearshore wrecks,  Trout starting to post as well.  Weather finally cooperating.

March 1, 2010  
Been a long cold winter.  How cold?  Yesterday while coming home down the intra-coastal waterway I saw a seal sunning itself on a jetski launch in North Myrtle Beach.  I believe that is first seal ever seen in SC. At least by me and everyone I have talked to.   Managed to catch 8 redfish between 16 and 20 inches!

January 14, 2010  

Had three fisherman come out looking to have a good time and try something besides golf while in town.   We went out and caught 50 or 60 Sea Bass with some real nice keepers and 8 or so sharks .   We had a good time.   The redfish are in the creeks and the Sea Bass are biting as well as sharks so come on out and let's go get 'em.


Jan 7, 2010 
Had Kyle and Crystal and Heidi out looking for fish on the 7th.   They were originally from Minnesota so figured what the heck, why not try fishing since it was Kyle's and Heidi's 25th anniversary. We left dock at 10 am in 34 degree weather and shot out about 5 miles to some ledges and caught some sea bass and sharks.   Some of the sea bass were nice keeper size and the sharks were 2-4 foot spiny dog sharks.   Water was flat calm and they were great to have out.   Have another shark trip booked this weekend coming up but there are some nice weather days coming up if you would like to try and get out there.  Reds are in the creeks and still can have a shot at a trout now.  Give me a call and lets go get 'em. 

Jan 1, 2010
Happy New Year! Bluefin trip was good but the fish didnt bite, none have been caught in the last week in the Myrtle Beach to Southport area.  We made it out a few days ago and the swells were pretty big, 3-5 foot or so and weather started turning around 11 am to the rougher side.  Headed into shallower water and  saw  a 30 foot long whale around 1 pm however and followed him for 1/2 hour.  Pretty amazing.  I Think this Monday or Tuesday the wind may finally lay down enough to try again, we'll see.    

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