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2009 Fishing Report

December 26, 2009  

Merry Christmas!   Fished 2 days last week and tried for Bluefin Tuna.  MAde it out 40 miles to a good spot but the fish didnt bite.  Next day made it about 15 miles and turned in to the Waterway because the Weatherman must have been smoking something, his forecast was way the hell off.   Worked my way back home down the intra-coastal and caught 2 black drum and 8 or 9 redfish.  Water temp was around 49 to 51 degrees  and the fish were biting pretty subtle..  but once you set the hook it was business as usual .   Going out in the morn to try for the Bluefin Tuna again.  Kinda like snipe hunting so far.. but one of these days its gonna happen and I will make that picture my home page picture.  Meanwhile give me a shout if you wanna try for the redfish or speckled trout or sea bass and Black Drum that are around right now.  There is also pretty good shark fishing.   For 1 or 2 people I can work a deal on a Bluefin Tuna trip / Shark trip if weather cooperates. 


December 16, 2009 

Had a 5 hour trip with 3 fun guys from Maryland.   Caught a dozen or so redfish , biggest 24 inches.  Also nabbed a few black Drum in the 4-6 pound range.  The Sheephead bit pretty hard as well with us catching a dozen but they were small for the most part with the biggest going 2 1/2 to 3 pounds.   Going out looking for the Big Bluefin Tuna in am .  Weather permitting should have a good fish story tommorow 

December 7, 2009 

Had Neil and Greg from Asheville out yesterday on full day trip.  They drove 4 1/2 hours overnite and were sleeping in their car by the boat when I got there in the am.  Hardcore fishermen.  We left dock and looked for trout and reds with a well of live shrimp.  The bite didnt happen the first few hours but persistence paid off. We got in a spot and landed a 2 1/2 pound trout.  Then a little bit later two more in the 4 to 5 pound range.  Then the black drum started biting and we nailed 1/2 a dozen from 3 to 5 pounds, then the redfish finally posted and frenzied for about 20 minutes and we caught 4 or 5 and had  a few more on.   Ended up being a real nice day and a lot of fun.  Trout are awesome this time of year and been getting on some nice size fish this fall.  Come on out .  Dec 1 2009- Redfish, Sheephead, Black Drum, Speckled Trout-  Bite is hot, weather today kinda rainy.  Friday looks awesome.. call me and lets go!

December 1, 2009 

Great trip 2 days ago.  Started slow but gained momentum as day wore on.  Ended up with 5 Black Drum and 11 or 12 Redfish and a couple trout.  Not to mention more than a couple who got away.  Weather has been cold last couple trips but the fishing has been red hot.  Should be good as soon as the rain stops but if I went out on this messy day I am very confident the fish are chewing .  Just don't know that I can motivate myself , give me a call and we'll go get em. 

November 30, 2009

Yesterday we caught 6 black drum between 5 and 8 pounds and a 12 lb redfish.  33 inches.  Nice red for this time of year.  We also caught about a dozen sheephead with one really nice 7 1/2 pounder.  .  Now Wednesday we caught 8 or 9 trout up to almost 8 pounds and 4 or 5 reds between 25 and 30 inches along with a couple Black Drum.  The bite started about 2 hours into the trip and never let up all day .  Heading out this morning and will download some pics .  Oh - also on Weds  we caught 4 nice Striped Bass 6  to 10 pounds.   On both trips once we had enough fish for dinner we released some beautiful fish for next time.   

November 20, 2009

Got 6 stripers, 6 redfish a speckled trout and a sheephead yesterday.   This is a black drum from last week we estimated at 70 pounds.   Thanks to everyone thats been out with me this  month and Happy Thanksgiving.  Come on back and let's go get em. Check out the Octopus Rob and Don caught.  Got 2 that week, crazy looking things. 

Been some awesome fishing days this Fall!

November 1, 2009

Have been some tremendous catches this fall .  11 1/2 pound flounder, 50 pound redfish, double digit speckled trout days, more amberjacks than you could imagine and its only November 1st. 

September 20, 2009

It Just does not get any better than this.  Redfish Redfish everywhere.  LAst three trips have been double digits til the charter wanted to try for something else.  8 pounds to 20 pounds has been the norm with bigger fish around.  Trout and Flounder and Spanish Mackerel biting as well as bluefish and sharks .

September 7, 2009  

Fishing has been really good most days with big redfish around, striped bass up to 12 pounds and Speckled Trout and Flounder available.   This is it- The Best Time of Year to Fish Myrtle Beach.  Call Capt Cush today and go fish Myrtle Beach.  Reds from 2 pounds up to 40 pounds and shots at the biggest flounder of the year.   Speckled Trout have made a good showing , catching them with lures as well as bait.  Big Ladyfish at Jetties also and large Red Drum.

August 25, 2009

Redfish made a huge showing one morning and hooked 10+ and boated 7 up to 38 inches long.  Flounder have been strong the last week as well with us boating a 7+ pound 25 1/2 inch flounder .  Pic below.  Also look at the baby Cobia's we caught while trying for redfish.  Caught a couple one morning about 15 inches long and more today around 20 inches while looking for reds.   Also see pic below of Kalibs Big Redfish back in the skinny water one morning last week.  We had to chase it and then dig it out of the grass it had buried itself into.  Kalib hooked fought and landed it by himself, great fish and angler.

August 20, 2009

August 20, 2009

Fishing the last few days has seen big redfish and flouder biting.  Weather has been nice and though the ocean has started getting rough , the backcountry and marsh is always smooth as glass.  Call 'Cush" today and let's go fishing


August 15, 2009

What a week!  Awesome people to fish with.  Redfish to 34 inches, Trout 18- 20 inches and flounders biting along with Ladyfish, Ribbonfish, Bluefish, Hammerhead sharks, Bonnethead Sharks and Spanish Mackerels.  Really enjoyed fishing with everyone this week .  Call today and book your trip with "CUSH" .  You don't want to miss out on the fishing this time of year

August 7, 2009

Fished every day this week and had a good time with some great people.  Had a mother and son team up on what at first seemed like a huge redfish only to be an 80 pound stingray which ate both their baits and proceeded to run 250 yards down the creek.  Had an explosive redfish bite a couple days with fish chasing bait out of the water next to the boat and speckled trout on a couple trips 18 to 19 inches.  Made it offshore one day about 10 miles and caught the first king in a couple weeks about 8 or 10 pounds and some spanish mackerel which were over 5 pounds (huge for Spanish).   Caught a 25 inch Cobia at a nearshore wreck and a 15 inch Cobia in the creeks as well.  Weather is great and fishing has been  fun, c'mon out.

July 28, 2009

Was going offshore today but the ocean had other ideas.  Went 3 miles to catch bait and that was enough.  Caught 1/2 dozen bluefish and bunch of nice pinfish baits and then , well mother nature decided she was gonna be in a foul mood so we headed in to the marsh and creeks to look for reds and flounder.  We did a bit of searching and had to work at it and we caught 1 redfish 2 speckled trout ( 13 inches  ) 1 black drum about 3 1/2 pounds and a couple flounder that were 1 to 2 pounds.   Had a lot of other bites and it is always smooth as glass back in the marsh so everyone felt good about that.  Action has picked up in the estuary the last couple trips .  C'mon out. Had issues with camera on my new phone ( old phone got wiped out by bad boat wake as well as digital camera )  so these pics will have to do for now.  Scroll down for better ones and bring your camera when you go with me .

July 26, 2009

July 26, 2009

Weather has been a little tricky this week with the wind and seas.  King Mackerel disappeared as have the pogies on the beaches.  Managed to catch some nice spanish mackerel though and a 14 pound Cobia.  Spadefish bit a little one day- caught 2 up to 9 pounds but they were still a litle finicky.  Hooked and fought a 250 pound Tiger Shark for a while and caught a nice trout in the creeks about 3 1/2 or 4 pounds as well as small redfish and smaller trout.  Big surprise in backwaters this week was an 11 pound bluefish hooked in 4 feet of water that was 86 degrees.  Really unusual to see a big blue like that this time of year.  He took 200 yards of 14 pound test and was  a great fight.  Besides that couple 15-25 pound stingrays .  That was the catch over 6 trips in 4 days so fishing has been fun but not quite gangbusters which makes me happy .  Why ?  Because that means any trip we're gonna have a slamming good day.  Come out out, Let's go get "em

July 6, 2009

Friday 1/2 day trip was what everyone wants on an inshore fishing trip- 12-14 redfish caught- yes, 12 to 14 redfish caught and released from 26 - 33 inches 8 - 14 pounds.  A Ladyfish and flounder mixed things up a bit too.  Then in the afternoon had an offshore trip for Kings and got 2 sharks and 3 nice Kings up to 22 pounds.  Thursday banged the Kings good too and Weds as well with 8 to 14 fish caught on 3/4 day.  Its been awesome.  Have weds trip going out and hopefully the bait and Kings will still be around like they have been.  Fished morning trip today fishing north myrtle beach and caught 1 flounder and 1 stingray about 25 pounds.  That was it.  Some days that happens.  After dropping the folks off I went to a spot simply because I couldnt bear throwing all the bait I had netted back and within 2 minutes hooked fought and landed and released a 12 - 14 pound striped bass.  Over next 30 minutes caught 1 more and had 2 that I couldnt stop break me off.  Thats fishing, never know when or where the bite is gonna happen.  Just gotta keep a bait wet and try til you gotta go home .  Come on out- every trip is not a fishing show , but a lot could be lately.  You'll have fun no matter what!

June 29, 2009  

Caught some huge King Mackeral this past week in the 30 + pound range.  Had inshore trips last couple days and managed some nice redfish in the 6 - 10 pound range as well as some speckled trout and flounder.  Had Rae and Gideon ( mother and  son ) team up on Gideon's 10th birthday trip catch Cobia and Kings and a 250 to 300 pound Tiger shark.  They flew over from California to try fishing the Atlantic and we nailed "em.  If you're thinking of booking a trip call and reserve with me today.  I have had numerous calls asking for dates that are booked up , so call and reserve your trip now. 

June 22, 2009

Weather has been great and the fishing is awesome.  Enjoyed being out with some fantastic people too.  Had Reed out a couple days ago and caught a 15 pound Hammerhead shark.  Been getting redfish from 4 to 10 pounds , but the Kings and Cobia have bit almost everytime out.Today was alot of fun.  Caught 8 or 9 kings - 2 of which were pushing 20 pounds, a cobia that was an inch short of legal (32 inches instead of 33 fork length) spanish mackeral around 5 pounds and a 35 pound barracuda.  Left them biting . Hopefully they will eat next couple days.   Pics below are of last few trips, redfish bit good a couple days and a few speckled trout mixed in but when the seas are calm I want to go get the Cobia and Kings, drags screaming and its awesome out there.  Call me today and we'll book a trip and get "em. 

June 14-16, 2009

Speckled Trout and Redfish biting .  Little hit or miss but here are some of the hits.  Offshore 5-15 miles has been really good some days with cobia and king mackeral.

June 13, 2009  

Fishing is really good right now.  Bait has been easy to get and Kings, huge 6 pound Spanish Mackeral and Cobia and Mahi Mahi have been within reach on 6 hour and 8 hour trips.   Fishing north Myrtle Beach today for 4 hours we stayed inshore and caught a speckled trout , flounder bluefish, seabass and had the spadefish come up once but they went away and wouldnt eat today.  The dolphin "mammals" have been abundant and the kids and Mom enjoyed going out and seeing them as well.  Had a monster flounder on and , well, we didnt get a chance to take a picture, next time. Got pics below of yesterdays big Cobia and dolphin and yes, that is a Spanish and not a King Mackeral below

June 13, 2009

June 9, 2009

North Myrtle Beach fishing  6 hour trip, 7 -8 pound redfish,   25-30 pound Cobia and a bunch of spadefish that were finicky to bite but managed to hook 7 or 8 and land a few for dinner.  Porpoise everywhere and big school of Barracuda went under the boat but wouldnt eat, but had a great time catching the Cobia, Steve fought it for 20 or 30 minutes expertly.  Also numerous sea bass.

June 7, 2009

Had local friend Tom with some good buddies of his come out yesterday looking for a big shark.  We went all day and first thing found about 1000 yards of pogies streaming up the beach.  Netted our bait and went fishing catching King Mackeral , Amberjack , Barracuda and Sharks.  Lots of Sharks.  Sharks were big between 125 and 200 pounds and finished the day with a 250 plus pound Tiger Shark double header.  It was pretty awesome.  Got it on video which I will try and download in the next few days.  Amberjack was in the 70 pound range .  Day was about perfect. 

June 5, 2009

Fished inshore  half June 3 and 3/4 nearshore June 4 .  Nice red and nearshore landed a 20 pound  cobia, couple 3-4  foot sharks, a 15-20 pound Barracuda and a couple kings and 5 flounder ( 1 keeper ).  Fishing is a lot of fun when the fish cooperate like they have been doing lately.  Still have some slots open this month,  call and book today

June 1, 2009  

Went diving last week off Murrells Inlet and my buddy shot a few nice flounder.  Went King fishing on a 3/4 day with some great guys from Delaware.  Had a blast and caught a few Kings up to 15 pounds and numerous sharks up to 4 feet.   Went offshore monday to the Gulfstream and caught 20 MAhi and a Wahoo.  This is a great time to go fishing.  Got a good pic of some dolphin feeding behind local Shrimp Boat too.  Give me a call as Summer availability is getting tight.

May 23, 2009

 Fished Dixie Chicken Tournament with Ronnie and son Skylar from LongBeards Restaraunt and Tavern here in Myrtle Beach.  Ronnie had a Pig Pickin this week and now has the 2009 Junior Angler  Dixie Chicken Trophy sitting at his bar.  Skylar won with a 3.60 lb Flounder and we were a razor's edge away from winning the whole thing.  But close don't count.  One thing about fishing, you never know when lightning will strike.  We fished hard all day with only a couple bites and then with 2 hours til weigh in got the 2nd biggest flounder of the tourney.  Great time having Skylar and Ronnie on board.  Ronnie brought Longbeard sandwiches (delicious) and Skylar stayed in the game thru monotonous hours of slow fishing and it paid off.  Even when the fish weren't biting we had a good time .  Ended up with couple flounder a striped bass and a big redfish.  Dixie Chicken was a fun tournament and Skylar won Jr. Angler which gave him a sweet trophy, a couple brand new fishing poles and a nice money prize.  The awards brunch was at Carraba's and just a fun experience all around. 

May 22, 2009

Took Mark, Mark jr and LuAnn out fishing 1/2 day in Murrells Inlet.  Took some looking as it was windy but we found the fish.  Ended up with 5 flounder and 1 or 2 that got away.  MArk Jr had the big one of the morning and we kept 2 for them to have for lunch and dinner.  Lu Ann hadnt cast a rod before and by the end of the day she had it down and and cast , hooked and landed her own flounder.  Good time

May 17, 2009

  7 or 8 flounders, all throwbacks, 5 nice reds on and 3 landed.  Biggest 8 pounds.    Fishing is pretty good right now.   Big flounder are around, just have to be at the right spot, right time .  When the weather cooperates everything is biting .  Come on out and lets catch em.

May 16 &17, 2009

Double and triple hookups on King Mackeral .  Had 20 or so on and got 14 to the boat.  Anywhere from 6- 15 pounds.  Had a big Cobia on for a while then had another one come right to the boat about 25 pounds.   Teased him a bit and he destroyed the bait and the fight was on .  10 minute battle and as he was coming in , fate intervened and that 25 pounder will get a chance to grow to 50 pounds by next year.  Like my good buddy "Curly " says.  Thats Fishing.  Come on out!


May 13, 2009

Had a couple die hard guys from New York State fish all day today.  They were impressive anglers and awesome positive guys to fish with all day.  Being experienced fishermen they repeatedly said " hey, its a beautiful day and if it happens it happens if it don't that's why they call it fishing".   That's the truth on the water.  They fished hard all day and we caught 3 speckled trout , a redfish, some spanish mackeral and flounder and bluefish and sea bass.   Weather kept us nearshore and inshore all day and we had a lot of action in the waterway and marsh.  After landing a couple flounder at end of the day they commented " oh, that was a flounder earlier" which has been said on board alot lately.  The flounder bite differently than most fish we target and takes  a little trial and error some days to get used to their attack.  Luckily we are getting into the time of year where we should get some good shots during the day at them. 

May 8, 2009

My buddy Ronnie and his son Skyler fished with me in the sea Coast Anglers Flounder tournament today along with good friend Greg.  Had a blast.  Ronnie owns Long Beards Tavern (great hunting and fishing lodge style restaraunt) here in Myrtle Beach and sponsored our day out hunting the flounder.  Ronnie hooked the biggest fish of the day though from the fight at the surface it looked to be a nice Speckled trout.  Skyler , an awesome young Bass Fisherman landed flounders as well as Greg at numerous spots and at the end of the day that started at 5 am we weighed in .  Skyler held 5th place in the junior angler division briefly before we were knocked off the money board when the last 3 fish weighed in .  Great time and crew.   Picture of father son enjoying the water and the sunrise that greeted us Tournament Day morning

May 7, 2009

 Went out looking for the reds and found a nice 26 inch red in the Backwaters along with some flounder.  Saw a nice school of reds but they didnt want the mud minnows so I threw artificials and got a beast of a fish in 3 feet of water

May 6, 2009

Afternoon half day yesterday .  Had a few local guys go out and we were one of 5 boats their group chartered.  Strong wind but managed to hook up 6 or 7 flounder.  Had one keeper in the box and another one we'll call a "short" since he kicked off at the boat.  Couple others went away and a few short throw backs.  Looked hard in the creeks for the reds and saw one tailing and had a couple "mouth" the lures but no real hookups.  If history repeats then the next trip we should nail the redfish as its been about every other time out.   

May 1, 2009

Redfish have been posting every other day and black drum and flounder pretty frequent catch.  Big flounder showing up now .  Speckled trout not as consistent but still pretty good and nice size fish.   Bluefish have been everywhere  and Spanish  Mackerals have started showing up as well.  It's on !! Let's go get 'em. 

redfish in the waterway

April 28, 2009

 No charter yesterday so I went diving at some of the reefs I fish near shore.  Water was cold but was able to shoot a few Sheephead and even though the temp on the bottom was in the hi 50's it was nice getting back in the water and scuba diving.  The fishing has been good lately so come on out and check out the pics below.   Healthy Speckled Trout below from this past week

April 26 2009-

Took Eric and his his three buddies out.   Firefighters and policeman.  Last two days fishing has been a lot of fun but kind of ominous because the wildfires have burned 20,000 acres and the waterway has been silted up as the ash falls back down.  The 25 th the water was really dark and brown but today was cleared up and the fish loved it.  Had a half day and caught 6 or 7 redfish from 15 inches to 28 inches and two trout 3 and 4 + pounds.  Ended the day with a couple of flounder one 15 inches and one just barely under 14.  The inshore slams have been pretty common the last week and a half but yesterday the fishing was  a blast.  Come give it a try.  Weather should be PERFECT next 5 days !!!. ( Pictures with be posted later today)

April 25, 2009 

Last two trips were a blast.   Thursday Dane and Jen came out and couldn't have had 2 nicer people on board.  Really enjoyed fishing with you guys.  HAd a nice trout in the am and a big redfish around 8 - 10 pounds later.  Then went off the beach a couple miles and caught some blues and sea bass .   Tried for a flounder to get the slam but no dice .  They extended their trip a couple hours cause the weather and seas were so nice.  Hope you guys come back soon.

April 10, 2009

Fished with Jimmy and his daughter and their friend Joe and his boy Justin-  The low tide is usually really good for flounder but we could nt get one to bite and the only action that was fast and furious was the wind.  However after looking in all the regular spots we went and caught a big ( for a whiting) whiting and a small trout and Jimmy's buddy fell for the ol flounder imitator- the skate.  This time of year as we concentrate on catching flounder those skates will sneak in and fool me over and over as they fight a lot like a big flounder.  But just as soon as you start thinking they are the only thing on the bottom a 3-6 pound flounder will come up beside the boat.

April 10, 2009 (Morning Trip)  

Fished 2 trips.  Morning trip was with Eric and his boys John and Michael.  They hadnt done much fishing and it was great to see the boys go from never having been saltwater fishing and never having used spinning reels to looking like they were ready for a fishing tournament .   Ended up with 2 flounder and a bluefish and a good trip.

April 8, 2009

Thanks for emailing the pics Bob.  Good time- 18- 19 inch flounder

April 8, 2009 

Murrells Inlet.   Redfish and couple keeper flounder, one was 18 inches or 19 inches which is pretty good this time of year.  They will start getting more regular later this month.  Fished with Bob from Myrtle Beach and had an a great time relaxing and checking out the backwaters of Murrells Inlet.

April 5, 2009

Well, this morning was  pretty cool.  Had the speckled trout snapping for about a half hour.  Caught 5 and had at least 3-5 more on in the same spot.  Had Glenn from New York on board and God Bless him he was as conservation minded as me if not more so.  Glenn nails the stripers and weak fish back home on Long Isand and when I brought in the first speckled trout today, about 19 or 20 inches  my phone rang with another guide telling me about a redfish bite, well Glenn took the trout flopping in the boat and released him. I am all about catch and release but those trout are tasty.   We ended up releasing a couple and keeping a couple.  Then we searched for redfish which shouldn't have been as difficult as it was.  Glenn was a real good angler and we hit alot of spots but just couldnt pin down the hungry redfish today.  Weather was awesome and glad we changed the trip from tommorrow to today, sounds like some nasty weather is determined to break me this week , but the trout are here and the redfish are here and the flounder are starting to show up so, if you like fishing, lets get it on.  Give ,me a call, weds and thursday weather looks good.

PS - brought the video camera out today but was busy catching and trying to catch fish with Glenn and didnt get any pics, next trip, I promise

March 31, 2009

Ches and his son and 2 son-in-laws came out yesterday for a half day fishing trip and let the ladies invade the local Myrtle Beach Malls on their own.   Boys morning out and it was a pleasure having the 4 of you on board.  They hadnt been to Myrtle before and I sincerely hope they come back soon.  The trout bite is trying to get going and we had a couple on with the artificials and managed to boat a decent  18-19 inch fish.  The redfish didnt cooperate so after tormenting the speckled trout for a couple hours with our arsenal of artificials and live bait we headed out to a nearshore wreck to bend the rods and caught the sea bass at will, from 3 inches to 12 inches long.   Nothing spectacular but interesting.  Then a 3 - 4 foot shark decided to eat a bait and some kind a bat ray which as Captain I officially designated "the ugliest fish of the day".  Water was pretty and the boys from Atlanta were a pleasure to fish with.  Afternoon trip was a "no show " so I went scouting around and caught a couple trout.   Rain today so I am on standby , I have been having numerous issues with my T-Mobile account and getting a person is a challenge so I may not be getting any of the previous trips photos up soon which I took on my phone.  I am going to bring the digital camera out and will download those as I take them going forward. 

March 28, 2009

Had Michelle call looking to surprise her husband with a fishing trip this vacation week and Chad and his two friends came along for a half day today.   Interesting start as a Banana tried to slip on board.  As his friends brought it to my attention and we went through the necessary enlightenment on the curse of the ever evil banana , Chad elected to eat it and unbenounced to the rest of us stashed the peel in his bag as we headed out to look for trout and redfish.  Well, first cast of the trip a speckled trout fell for a DOA shrimp and I believed the banana curse was over blown.  After another 15 or 20 minutes we went to the next spot and bam, another speckled trout.  In fairness I will try and post the pictures of these trout because , God Bless 'em they were speckled trout , but just barely.  It looked like the Shrimp Bait had eaten them as much as they had tried to eat the shrimp.    However , we went on looking for the big ones and after a few more stops musta been close.   Why ?  Because the dolphin were coming up in the same creek we were in 4 feet of water and as we tried fishing , those dolphin started exploding on something- redfish ? trout ? Yes, and I think the immenent threat of getting eaten shut the bite down.  However it was an impressive display of the dolphins hunting ability in skinny water.  Wish I had a video to share but didnt bring the camera today.     We pressed on and a couple spots later had a redfish pick up , run and spit the hook.  Next cast, pick up start to run, spit the hook.  3o minutes later on a shrimp imatation jig had a good pick up run and spit the hook.  Now, I'll tell you, I cant remeber having 1 red run line and come unbuttoned on a trip in a long long time.  3 redfish coming undone in one 40 minute stretch, well, I am going to go ahead and invoke the "Banana Curse".  I am sure plenty will point out good days with a banana on board and I am tempted to take one out the next couple trips to take a picture with a big ole red or trout and a banana just to disprove it,  but then again , maybe I wont.  The guys were great to have out and the fishing was , well lets just say there was potential for a decent catch.   The water was 61- 63 and that means it is "go time".  Fishing is ready to bust loose.  They are out here, waiting on us to pay them a visit, so pick up the phone and call me today, lets go get 'em.   To everyone that's been out recently, just want to say it's been a pleasure and a lot of fun.  Tim Spring's and the boys were non-stop stories  and jokes and just a lot of fun to have aboard.  Chad and friends it was a pleasure and Woody and Larry, hope it isnt another 30 years before you come back and give it another try,  Thanks for going and hope to see you all again real soon.

March 27, 2009

Good trip with Woodrow and Larry from Atlanta.  Their wives took a trip to Spain and they hopped in the car and drove 6 1/2 hours to Myrtle Beach to go fishing.  Why ??  Because they could and they felt like it.  Larry said he hadnt had a fishing pole in his hands in over 30 years..  Well Larry got himself a 26 inch redfish and Woody fished like hell right there with him. They were a trip.  Couple pilots from the 60's and 70's and I am glad they chose me to spend a day hunting fish.  Good company, pictures forthcoming. 

March 21, 2009

Well, I have had a couple trips since I last reported.  Had some really nice folks out fishing.   I had some high  school buddies look me up and we went fishing for a full day last saturday and the wind was ferocious and we looked everywhere and the fish just werent having anything to do with us.  Fun trip but the fishing was disappointing.  I hope you boys will come on back and give it another try cause I had a blast fishing with you and hope we can do it again when the fish are a might bit more cooperative.

March 16, 2009

Got the videos made and downloaded and probably made it much harder than it actually is.  Hopefully will have some more coming but the time spent editing and loading these videos would be much better spent fishing ..Enjoy.

March 12, 2009

Still trying to get the video to download and with the cooler weather and rain forecast today and tommorrow I will be figuring it out and hopefully you can see some of these redfish I've been talking about.   The Speckled Trout should be turning on any day  and I will be making a concerted effort to bag a couple next time I am out.  

March 11, 2009

Took Dave from Ontario out and had a good trip.  Started slow the first couple hours as we waited for the full moon tide to slow down and then it was on.   The fish were 16-19 inches and when they decided it was time to eat, Dave went 3 fish for 3 casts.  Ended up catching and releasing 7 redfish and had a few more bites.   Weather again was awesome, man I am glad winter is behind us here at Myrtle Beach.  Come on out and lets go get em.  Also saw a lot of Dolphin in and around the creeks the last couple trips out.  Its nice seeing but also not nice cause they are apparently in these creeks after the same fish I am after and they don't practice catch and release.   Still pretty cool having them come by the boat in 4 or 5 feet of water

March 9, 2009

 Went looking around for Reds again and caught 1 in one creek and 1 in another creek and that was all she wrote, beautiful weather.  These kinda days help me to forget we just went thru a cold winter.

March 8, 2009

 Buddy had a little too much fun last nite and wasnt up for going out to get oysters.  After he called at 6 am to tell me, I went fishing for reds and caught 6 or 7 nice fish.  Berkley power bait shrimp was resposible for the biggest around 7 pounds or so.

March 7, 2009

Going out in the am with a buddy to get oysters down in Murrells Inlet.  Might try to find a trout while we're out.  Will check in after the Oyster Roast. 

March 6, 2009

Went out looking around yesterday and today.  The fish are here and loaded up in the creeks.  The trick is being able to get to them without them blowing up and running out of the creek your going into.  Yesterday I spooked 4 schools of 20 - 40 fish.  The first two schools were small fish and mixed in with mullet.  Only a foot deep and as they ran by the boat I started seeing big spots on the tails of some of the mullets and realized the redfish were mixed in . Lots of redfish in the creeks.   Hooked 1/2 dozen today while  looking around and weather was a welcome relief from the last couple trips out.  Landed redfish from 15 -28 inches and 2-10 pounds.  By myself today and had video camera .  I will try to edit the video and upload as soon as I can.   I think I got some really good shots, we'll see  Felt really good to be on the fish and not freezing.  The backwaters are really clear and it is so refreshing to be able to see the bottom in the creeks , reminds me of fishing in the Keys when I guided down there.  As I was coming home a pod of 4 dolphin popped up beside me in the waterway.  Made me wonder if one of them was responsible for the scars on the big redfish I landed and released today.   Coming out of a creek and into the waterway  I sped past Goat Island and it lived up to its name, 8 or 10 goats lined the waterway beach looking at me as though I was a strange sight.   The sun was out and Spring is around the corner  and I am confident that I'm not alone in being ready for warm weather and more days outside fishing.    HAd a couple charters last week and the fishing wasnt the best,  don't like admitting it, but they don't bite every trip.   However , today was the kinda day that makes it worthwhile and I hope to take some folks out in the next couple days while the temps are up and the bite is good.  Thanks for checking in and I will try to get the video page loaded up in next couple days.

February 3, 2009

Went fishing for the Big Bluefin Tunas off NC last week.  Took Greg and Jay with me and we left the dock at 5:30 am and headed into the darkness for the 2 hour ride.  Seas were nice in the early morning and we got to our destination about 7:40 am and marked tremendous pods of baitfish.   Within 5 minutes we saw commotion on the surface and then realized it was a 10- 12 foot shark tailing on the surface.   Immediately turned and tried to to go the other direction.  Each of the two lines we were trolling had about 60 bucks worth of lure, leader and tackle on 'em and as much fun as a big anything is to fight, that wasnt our target species.  As we made our way back towards cooler water more and more huge bait pods became evident.  Hopes were high.  As the morning progressed more boats could be seen and the radio chatter was high with report after report of perfect conditions with all the bait.   Well, it turns out that that day was a fantastic day to be a bait fish 'cause there wasnt a Tuna hooked or seen anywhere out there.  However , the thickest fog bank this side of the state of Maine rolled in about 11:00 am and visibility went from miles to 20 feet.  Not so good when you're trolling 5 miles an hour and so are a couple dozen other boats in the vicinity.   Wind picked up and we started taking rougue 3-4 footers that would splash over the bow.   12:30 it was time to head home and get out of the sea.  With the wind and waves decided it best to head to Bald Head Island and take the Waterway home.  Beautiful ride home and the sun came out halfway home and made me realize just how nice it was to be on the water.  This is not a charter I do because the conditions can be so uncertain but more my own personal quest for a Bluefin Tuna on my boat.  Right now the Sea Bass are snapping and there are redfish biting inshore along with the speckled trout.   Its not always the warmest weather this time of year but its always fun getting out on the water.   Hope to fish with you soon!

Dec 10, 2008.

Thats Jamie on left and Mike on right .  Shot some nice grouper and Jamie's lobster was a lot bigger in person than the pic conveys.


Redfish 42 " Oct 19 th 2008

Dec 19, 2008
Went diving with Jamie and his friend Ryan and the water was a  little murky ( poor visibility ) seas a little sloppy going out and first spot no fish for me but a couple of 7-8 foot sharks cuttting in and out of the murky water.  HAd an 8 foot Sand Tiger come in and acted like a Doberman Puppy , just swam right to me and acted like he either wanted to play or bite me. Next dive was 109 ft at the bottom and as I was sinking to it saw a 50 pound cobia and a 7 foot shark and then what I thought was another shark which as I got a little closer realized was a 100 pound Cobia.  Biggest I have seen in Myrtle Beach.  Unfortunately I took a long shot at the 50 pounder and missed and as I continued sinking to bottom I landed directly on top of an 8 or 9 foot full grown Sting Ray.  Well the current was ripping and visibility sucked and I was trying to reload the gun and get off the Ray without pissing him off Cause I really didnt want that big old spike in me, all the while that 7 foot shark is swimming around with that 100 pound CObia following.  Of "course, once I finally got off the Ray and had the Gun cocked and loaded the wise old Cobia had cruised out of view.  Would have been one heck of a fight if I'd got a spear in him.  Ended the day at a spot loaded with  grouper and Sand Tiger's, Big ones.  There seemed to be an 8-10 foot Tiger Shark for every 8-30 pound Grouper.  Acres of bait packed so tight you couldnt see through, them.  You'd follow a Grouper into the bait school and a Sand Tiger or 2 would come through just as you were going in.  Amberjacks were crashing the Bait at will and it was like being teleported right smack dab into the middle of the food chain. 

Dec 17, 2008
Took Joe an his son John and friend Robby fishing last week.  Trout bit pretty good and ended up with 4 and  couple that didnt make it to the boat.  Biggest was 19 "or so .  Also had a 4 or 5 pound black drum and after the the boys  had to get in to go golfing ( nice life, fishing in the morning and golfing in the afternoon ) I went and fished for about 20 minutes and the big striper we had hoped for that morning finally bit.  10 pounds or so.  Weather has finally been warm, 60's and 70's.  Fishing has been really good.  I believe their Dad Joe said it was the boys first time fishing saltwater and they did really well.  Come on out fishing - Pic of first Speckled Trout Johnny caught

Dec 10th 2008: 
Went spearfishing on the 6 th.  Cold morning but great dive buddies and boat.  Went about 40 miles out.  Ended up shooting some nice gag groupers in the 20-25 pound range and James got a 14 pound lobster and Mike an 8-10 pound Hog Snapper.  Water was 59" degees on bottom and man, thats chilly .  Mike also shot 4 or 5 nice flounder up to 6 pounds.  I'll try and post some pics of the trip.  

Dec 5th, 2008
 Went out on the 3rd.  Rough seas going out and I started thinking how nice the warm couch would be, 26degrees in the morning when I gassed up my frozen boat.  Had a full day and we beat through the rough seas to first spot and sharks every drop.  Same thing at next spot and next spot and then the 4th  or 5 th spot , bam! Big Sea Bass -our target species since it was too rough to make it out much further.  We were 20-25 miles out and fished a lot of spots but when we found em had some 2-3 pound sea bass and 3 nice flounder up to 5 pounds along with 15 or so sharks up to 20 pounds and a snapper.  Picked up a trout on the way out so as the seas laid down to pure glass in the afternoon ended up a pretty good trip.  A dozen or so big Sea Bass,Speckled trout and 3 keeper flounder up to 5 pounds and  a snapper and 15-20 sharks.  Wish it had been a shark trip cause they were relentless.  Going offshore in am to scuba dive and spearfish, check in soon.  Lets go fishing !!!

Dec 2nd, 2008
 Weather looks great so I will give it a try in the am and let you know.  Should be some trout but with the calm Ocean I may try to talk myself into going deep .  Check back soon.

Nov 24 25 26 Thanksgiving week -- 2008
Had trips all 3 days with some great people.  Had a Dad and his 7 year old Olivia on board one of those days and made it to some of the near shore wrecks for a half day .  Olivia caught the big fish of the day -bluefish around 3 pounds or so and a ton of sea bass witha few keepers.  Aiden , her brother was on board and held his own with Dad.  There was a 2 foot swell but they had a ball catching about 40 sea bass and 30 or 40 bluefish.  We had trolled around for trout in the am and Olivia had said " all we need is confidence ".  Coming from a 7 year old I was stunned but she was wise beyond her years.  We tried a few spots for trout and when that didnt pan out went to the wrecks and hit the mother load.  Great time with those kids and DAd. 
Nov 15, 2008
Well I was a little slack updating the report, but will try to go from memory.  The full day trip on the 15th was slower than the previuos couple, but we caught a redfish and a fishing pole that was accidentally dropped over the side.  Used the cast net for 20 minutes and finally got it.  Nice bunch of guys , 4 brothers and the trip was a surprise from one of their girlfriends for his birthday.  That is a heck of a girlfriend, I never had one do that for me.   Weather cooperated and nice day on the water.

Nov 14, 2008 
Stock Market stinks, tourism seems way down, bookings are off and i had no charters the last  3  days, so you know what ?  I went fishing by myself and it was awesome ! Speckled trout were biting everywhere !  Striped Bass were biting ( up to 10 pounds ) And the inshore intercoastal redfish were snapping .  Rods bending and reels singing and noone to share it with the only downside.  Reds were 25-28 inches range and trout were all nice from 17 -21 inches.  Of course, I finally have a full day charter in the am and the big coldfront is pushing through as I type.  Went out around 3 pm today with my girlfriend to get bait for the trip tommorow.  Had to fight 20-25 knot winds and a ripping full moon low tide.  Took awhile but got plenty of live shrimp which seem to be the money bait right now,.  Thousands of tiny shrimp around ( hope they grow fast) and finger mullet.  Mullet really cant compete with live shrimp and shrimp imitations though.  Anyway, as we were heading in back to little river from sunset beach, the full force of the cold front came tearing through straight at us.  It had been 70's and sunny and was now almost pitch black 40 minutes before sunset.  I saw the rain band ahead on the waterway and told Sharon it looked like a tornado.  Well, 2 minutes later it felt like one.  White out rain storm and the marine radio said gusts to 30 but on that waterway I am really trying hard not to exaggerate, I would swear we had some 50-60 mph sustained gusts ( really think it could have been higher ) for 10 minutes, It was near impossible to see and the wind driven rain was painful.  We made it iback to the ramp, mission accomplished with a well full of shrimp so we'll see if it was worth it tommorrow.  All day trip ,I'll let you know tomoorrow or next day. I  can tell you the last 3-4  days have been excellent.   Gonna get em tommorrow.  Let's go fishin

Nov 9, 2008-
Fishing has been fun the last couple days.  Caught some big flounder in the 5 pound range and the speckled trout bite has been good. Nice thing is with temps in the upper 60's and low 70's even when the wind blows its comfortable because where I fish there arent waves and the scenery is beautiful.  HAd Ken and his daughter and her friend Tyler fishing from Asheville day before yesterday.  Ken owns a campground and runs freshwater trout and Musky charters up there.   Real nice folks, got a picture of them I said I'd post beside this report, might have to try the freshwater trout fishing in the spring.  I have to remember  to bring the digital camera cause the cell phone camera doesnt give much much  detail

October 18, 2009
Maybe its the 19th , I do know its Monday and the fishing is awesome.  18 inch flounder and a couple small ones in the creeks and the Big Redfish showed up strong.  HAd 2 on in just a couple minutes of drifting.  LAnded the first one at 42 inches after a 10 minute battle on 17 lb test.  Hooked another that got the best of us then, with 5 anglers went after a school of busting bluefish and got them about every cast.  Cold ths am but once the sun came up and the fish were biting it felt great.  Real nice guys from here and Texas.  Work at the HArd Rock PArk and tell me it will open again this Spring.  Hope to see you guys back out here, .
Also earlier in week fishing in the Waterway there has been a pretty good Striped BAss bite and nice redfish mixed in up to 8-10 pounds. 

October 11, 2009
Last week was fun with some nice reds and winter trout , tons of bluefish and a couple flounder.

Today , had a great crew from Texas, good anglers fun guys, tough fishing.  Wind was 15-20 out of the NE and higher gusts,made fishing the jetties close to impossible but surprisingly the low tide kept us out of the winds up in the marsh.  First 15 minutes of the day had a flounder eat a diving plug (dont see that very often) then it was slow spot after spot til we had a nice red blow up a lure  and go away.  Finished the day with another attack by a red or striper in the waterway and that was the end of the half day.  If luck had been with us and those three had hung on, would have been respectable. Always tommorrow. Weather suppose to clear out tommorrow night and by Monday looks real good again.  Next report will be better.
10-1-08- Redfish up to 35 lbs, winter trout and a bluefish frenzy that lasted from 5 o clock til dark- every cast A 1-5 LB BLUEFISH.  Had some good friends out and were looking for the big reds.  Has one spool a 17 pound outfit as we were chasing her , had just got anchor up and were going after her and a slight lack of communication and she was gone.  Had another pick up and run a 100 yds by another boats anchor line and come undone.  Beefed up the tackle to 25 lb and got 2 in the 40 inch range and a couple more in the 27-32 inch range. If you like fishing and you arent going right now, you really just dont like fishing.  This is the kind of fishing that gets you hooked for life.  Let's roll.  

 September 29, 2008

Hooked a couple of the monster redfish that have been at the jetties lately.  Measured one at 44 inches.  Had it out of the water for 20-30 sec's to take pictures then invested 5-7 minutes reviving her.  Took off strong.  Went out to some nearshore wrecks and had schools of amberjack up to 30 pounds jumping on live baits.  Seas were perfect.  HAd a 5-6 pound Spanish MAckeral inside the inlet on a cork too, What a monster spanish. Fishing and seas are awesome, lets go get em.

September 21, 2008

Fished inshore and it was a little slow , full moon high tide.  Seems like I say it every time but really, I dont recall ever seeing the water that high.  People's entire docks were under water where normally they are a few feet above the water at high tide.  Went to the jetties looking for the monster redfish that are around now.  Saw one hooked up but that was it.  Mullet's everywhere and bluefish and spanish chasing them all around.  Got a few winter trout and a bunch of bluefish .  Gonna target those trout next time out.  One was around 3 1/2 pounds.  Weather looks tricky next couple days but should be awesome by friday.  Let's go get 'em.

September 14, 2008
Fished Myrtle Beach 2 days ago and we caught 3 flounder up to 19 inches and a couple redfish.  A few of the flounder were caught with a spinner blade lure and multiple " mystery fish"were hooked and lost on same lure.   Eased up on a nice school of redfish in a foot of water.  Looked like 3-6 pound fish.  The cast was close to perfect but not quite and they spooked.  Had quite a few working the grass edge back in the marsh.   Weather has been awesome fishing myrtle beach this month.

September 9, 2008
Big Redfish in the creeks and jetties.  This is what fishing Myrtle Beach is all about.  Largest about 20 pounds on 12 pound test.

September 8, 2008
Had Blake and Melissa from Pittsburgh  out yesterday.  Great folks, fun fishing.  Reds flounder and speckled trout.  FIsh were on the smaller size but the trout was 19-20 inches and most reds hooked on lures.  Had one good one burn off some drag but sometimes they go away. Great weather and fun fishing partners.

September 3, 2008
Barracuda's are HUGE. 30-40 pounders yesterday on way home from Bald Head Island.  Didnt have a charter but had to  stop and fish a bunch of AR's.  Pogies for miles off Oak Island.

North Myrtle Beach Fishing is turning on.  Big Redfish around all fall and Speckled Trout and Flounder.  Big Kings should be here too.  Lets fish myrtle beach.
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