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Welcome to Myrtle Beach SC.  You can choose to fish inshore in our Marsh and Inlets on my 22 ft Boat on 4 hr trips or we can take my 35 ft center console boat offshore up to 100 miles for everything and anything that swims including Wahoo, Billfish, Mahi Mahi, Tuna and more ...
"if it swims... it's a target" .  Come get em with Capt Cush.

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March 7 2019
We've been getting some Redfish inshore as well as Speckled trout and Sheepshead.  On the all day Gulfstream trip we have caught Wahoo to 70 pounds and Blackfin tuna and some great Bottom fish.  The halfday offshore trips have yielded great shark action from the 2-4 foot sharks as well as seabass.

 November 11th 2018
Speckled Trout every trip and now the keepers are showing up as well as some slot and over slot sized redfish.  Fun fishing inshore right now.   Offshore the Grouper Kings Wahoo and Blackfin are chewing , Text me today 843-997-5850 and come get you some !

October 28 2018
Speckled Trout and Redfish
Wahoo and Tuna
Grouper and Snapper!!!!!
Take your pick..Its fall fishing and they are all here and they are hungry.  We've been having some fun and wild trips inshore , offshore and all the way out where the monsters swim.  Call today and pick your target and we'll go get them.

September 4 2018
its  been the best Flounder bite Ive seen in years !! We are catching lots of nice keepers inshore along with Redfish and even some speckled trout that are showing up early on some trip.  Offshore the King mackerel have been awesome on the full day trips where we've been getting Grouper and Snapper and Mahi and on our last trip had a school of 50 -60 lb Yellowfin tuna explode all around us jumping out of the water chasing bait and leaping 10 feet in the air !!!!  We threw baits to them but the 10-20 lb King mackerel were too quick and we kept catching them before you could count to 10.  Literally tons of Amberjack on the ledges as well.
On half day trips we have been filling the boat with nice size Spanish Mackerel and big sharks along the beach and an occasional King Mackerel.  There are also some monster Barracudas available on our 5 hr and 6 hr trips right now.  Come and get you some, text right now to reserve your trip with Capt Cush 843-997-5850

 July 30 2018
Inshore the big redfish have been biting at the inlet and the smaller 2-6 lb reds are feeding in the creeks along with some flounder and blues and Black drum and Ladyfish.  
Offshore the last few weeks the King Mackerel bite has been great on the full day trips with limits of Kings and some nice Cobia and Mahi, and Amberjack  feeding 30-45 miles out as well as Snapper and Grouper.  
Red Snapper opens August 10th for a couple fri-sunday weekends in August so book those full day trips up for some great action and eating.
August means a good shot at a sailfish nearshore as well as some great Blacktip shark fishing on our 4-6 hr trips too. 
The gulfstream will be lighting up with some Wahoo and Tuna  this month on the 10-12 hr trips with shots at billfish and great bottom fishing as well. Text today and book your trip , its on!

 June 11th 2018
The last few weeks have been busy.  Flounder have been chewing great in the creeks and the redfish are being cooperative making for some fun inshore trips.   Offshore we are catching sharks and spanish mackerel along the beach, King mackerel 10-20 miles offshore as well as Cobia, Amberjack and snapper and Gropuper and monster Sea Bass 30-45 miles out and Mahi and Tuna in the Stream 60-80 miles offshore.  June fishing is delivering !! Text today to reserve your trip with Capt Cush inshore or Offshore fishing Charters.

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April 25 2018
Redfsih and Speckled trout were cooperative last trip on artificial baits.  it took persisitence for sure but when they bit they bit hard.  we managed a couple nice 3-4 lb fish and missed a few.  Gulfstream is on fire right now, Mahi, Wahoo ,even reports of scattered tuna.  Its time!!

April 6 2018
The Black Drum and Trout bit really good yesterday at the nearshore wrecks as well as dozens of bluefish and small sea bass.  The seasons first flounder have shown up as well as Redfish this week so the inshore bite is in full swing.  Offshore water temps are rising so we should be seeing the bait and with the bait arriving the King mackerel and Cobia will be our next targets .  Big Wahoo as well as Mahi are in the gulfstream but the wind has  kept us fishing inshore/nearshore the last few weeks.  With the windiest part of Spring behind us we should be getting back after the Mahi and Wahoo over the coming weeks so call nd book your trip today, inshore, nearshore, or offshore.  Spring fishing myrtle beach is on !

January 2018
The fall Speckled Trout and Redfish bite was fantastic all the way through mid December with double digit catches of trout and reds.  A couple days the trout fishing was amazing with 4-7 pound gator trout readily taking artificial baits as well as live baits in the calm inshore waters.
The Wahoo fishing has been strong with us landing a nice 85 lb fish in mid December and on our last Gulfstream trip a couple days ago we had a nice 40 lb fish along with a few Mahi Mahi in the 10 lb range and a 7 ft Sailfish.  We even dropped some baits to the bottom on the way in and caught some fat sea bass before heading back home for the long 75 mile ride home.  Book your trip today by texting Capt Cush 843-997-5850.  Winter and Spring fishing dates are booking up.   Also check out the waterfront rental home we have you can fish and stay at .  Sits on a great flounder hole with its own dock and only a blok from the beach in Cherry Grove. See the Vacation Rental Tab .
November 2017
Busy season and great fishing ! The giant 15-50 lb redfish bite has pretty well ended but the 3-7 lb fish have been real cooperative most days .  The cooling weather the past couple days has fired up the speckled trout and the big flounder were eating like there was no tomorrow for the last few weeks. We landed some great fish in the 5-8 lb range this October and November.
Offshore fishing has been fantastic with giant Red Snapper , lots of King Mackerel in the 15-30 lb range and Grouper and Amberjack 15-50 lbs.  Triggerfish and Big Sea Bass finish the buffet while fishing 20-50 miles out.
Meanwhile, 2 days ago November 7th we did a full day gulfstream trip 65 miles out and had a dozen big Wahoo bites ! A double, a triple and a Quadruple header!! throughout the day.  madness and excitement . our conversion ratio wasnt as good as we would have liked with us landing one each time .  The fish were healthy though , 40-60 lbs and and single made for a full fish box.  We also had a few small blackfin tunas.  All winter the tunas should be around as well as some enormous Wahoo and even Sailfish.  We just need calm seas for the 60-75 mile run.  Whether its in the calm waters of the intercoastal waterway or deep sea- Call today and lets get em !
Check out facebook for pics and frequent updates/Capt Cush Calmwater Charters
June 30 2017
The Flounder bite inshore has fired off big time with some 4 and 5 lb fish this week.  The redfish have made a good showing some days with giant 10-30 lb fish at the inlet and schoolie 2-6 lb fish in the creeks.  Offshore the King Mackerel have been chewing on the 6-8 hr trips along with Amberjacks and Mahi and Grouper and Snapper. On the shorter 4 hr offshore trips weve been real successful with the smaller 2-3 ft sharks as well as with the occasional 6-8 ft monster showing up.  Pretty  much everything is biting from the marsh to the Gulfstream.  Please text me directly for availability and to reserve your  private group charter of 1-4 people inshore or 1-6 people offshore.  This is an owner operator business so its hard to reach me on phone while im taking folks out fishing and much easier to respond to texts and faster too, thanks , Capt Cush 843-997-5850.

April 24 2017
Inshore Flounder showed about 2 weeks ago  and have steadily gotten bigger with a nice 19" fish day before yesterday and a 22" 5 lb flattie yesterday as well as a couple nice redfish.  Trout and Blues and Black Drum have been cooperating  inshore as well all Spring making for some great Inshore Fishing Charters here in North Myrtle Beach .Call or text today to reserve your trip.
We had a great day in the Gulfstream last week! 3 Wahoo with one over a 100 lbs and 74 inches long.  We are now in peak Mahi Mahi season and some big Blackfin Tuna are out there as well .This is an all day trip fishing 70-100 miles offshore for 1-4 people.  Billfish will be showing as well !  If thats too long try a 4-8 hr offshore trip for Sharks and King Mackerel and Cobia and Amberjck and Bottomfish.... its Spring and the bite is on.

February 26 2017

Hi ,Its been and continues to be the most beautiful and warmest winter  I have experienced
in 21 years of Fishing Myrtle Beach.  Yesterday we caught a couple Speckled Trout and found a school of Redfish on our inshore charter fishing trip.  Most of our Inshore Charters lately have produced Speckled Trout and Redfish with Black Drum and occasionally Striped Bass making an appearance .  All this warm weather may have the flounder showing early this year as well.

Offshore fishing Myrtle Beach this winter has been awesome.  We went after Wahoo a couple weeks ago and caught Wahoo up to 90 lbs and Mahi and Tuna .  On the way in we tried bottom fishing briefly and caught grouper sea bass, Red Snapper and Triggerfish !!  It seemed everything wanted to eat that day . We unfortunately had to let the grouper and Red Snapper go as Grouper Season wont open til May 1 but the Bass and Triggers and Vermillion Snapper are Delicious , not to mention the mahi , blackfin tuna and plenty of Wahoo with the 35 pounder and the fish of a lifetime that almost touched 90 lbs on the scale!!! Biggest Wahoo I have boated in almost 30 years of saltwater fishing though i have big plans for breaking the 100 pound mark as soon as possible.  Book a trip now through first week of June for your best chance to do it !
Call Capt Cush 843-997-5850 now and reserve your private boat charter inshore or offshore today so you dont miss out and have a blast fishing 4-12 hours with Cush!  Cant catch em sitting on the couch surfing the net.  Lets go get em!

September 4 2016-
Fall Fishing is on !` the baitfish are thick, the mullet are running and everything is biting for next couple months.  Inshore trips we're fishing for Redfish from 2-50lbs, Flounder , Speckled trout , Black drum and more!
Offshore everything from Sharks , King Mackerel and Wahoo to Sailfish Mahi and Marlin are around.  Bottom fishing can be unbelieveable with great catches of big Sea Bass , Grouper, Snapper, Amberjack AND MORE!!
Text Capt Cush today at 843-997-5850 to get your trip booked now and know you are going with an EXPERIENCED Captain.  Last couple years people with a freshly printed USCG Captains license are running charters and taking business from experienced Captains.  Nothing wrong with people wanting to get into the fishing business if they pay their dues but more and more are spending unreasonable amounts on online advertising to rank higher on google searches and hiring new people with licenses to run trips.  Big difference between a boat ride and a fishing guide with over 25 years experience .  You be the judge who you want to spend your money with.  I own my boats, run my boats and my business.  I cannot answer calls while I am running charters , but can respond to texts fast.  I try to return calls in evening when I am off the water.  a few operators hire phone banks to answer the phone, hire captains to run trips and never step foot on a boat themselves.  Rest assured , you call or text me , your talking to the Owner, The   Captain and an experienced licensed Guide who has run trips for over 25 years .

July 31 2016-
Inshore bite has been great some days and non existent others.  When the bite has been on weve been catching speckled trout, flounder and redfish. Theres been plenty of bait showing up so the fishing should get more and more consistent every week.
Offshore fishing has been fun this month with King Mackerel, Cobia, Mahi, Amberjack and Barracudas making up our target species when the wind has allowed us to run out on 6-10 hr offshore trips.on the 4 hr trips weve had good success targeting spanish mackerel trolling and then drifting for sharks
May 12 2016-
Inshore fishing last week we had some great trips where the redfish showed up and we caught em every cast for an hour and a half.  The fish were big and strong and hungry and went 10-15 lbs 27-33 inches.  We also destroyed the 2-4 pound bluefish catching dozens on light tackle and also caught some beautiful grey Trout up to 21 inches.  May is an incredible time to fish myrtle beach so let go ...Also the Flounder are chewing and we are catching them and some speckled trout with some fish pushing 5 pounds so far.  Flounder fishing and catching is strong all May and June .

May 15 2016-
On Gulfstream 12 hr trip last week we caught 10 Mahi Mahi from 10-30 pounds, 6 Blackfin Tuna with a couple in the 15-20 lb range .  We headed out deep to try for a Snowy Grouper and on our 2nd drop in 800 feet of water got a 25 pounder.  A couple drops later we nailed  beautiful 15 pound Golden Tile fish too.  Pics are on my Facebook page-  Capt Cush Calmwater Charters, check em out and lets go get em.

April 10 2016-
Fishing inshore myrtle beach last week we caught Flounder, Black Drum, Grey and Speckled Trout and some shrks have started showing up as well.  
Offshore the Fishing has been incredible and we're now at the best time of year to do a deep offshore trolling and bottom fishing trip !
Call and book your Fishing Charter today - 843-997-5850

March 10 2016-
Gulfstream fishing has been great.  Big wahoo to 100lbs and Blackfin Tuna and Sailfish this time of year.   Mahi start showing up in April and peak in May.
Inshore we have been catching Redfish and Black Drum.  The Flounder should start chewing good over next couple weeks.  
Sea Bass available on 4-8 hr trip . 100's usually caught , bigger keeper fish on 5-8 hr along with shark, Cobia, Snapper, Grouper , Trigger Fish Amberjack

February 2016-  
Had a great Wahoo trip.  Had 10 or 11 Wahoo bites and jumped a Sailfish.  Put some nice Snapper and Triggerfish in boat and our biggest Wahoo was a Trophy sized 80 lb fish.  Smallest Wahoo was 40 lbs.  

Dec 23 2015
Went fishing for Giant Bluefin Tuna today 45 miles out .  No tuna but miles of bait and porpoise, great situation and weather and conditions for them but had to go to plan B.. Hit a wreck nd had dozens of 30-60 lb Amberjack swrming the boat .  Jigged some up on spinning rods and caught as many 10-20 lb Bonita as we could stand .  This is first winter in 8 years the Bluefin have shown up in our waters and the couple that have been caught have been 500-800 lbs.  Looking forward to trying for them again when sea conditions allow.  The plan is to try to get to spots the tuna show at by first light, look for an hr and if they re there fish them, if not , then continue to gulfstream another 30 miles out and catch wahio and smaller Blackfin Tuna and maybe a Sailfish, then drop to bottom to get some tasty Black Sea Bass and Pink Snapper and big Trigger fish.  Great wintertime fishing .

Dec 2015-
Had a nice Wahoo trip mid month with half a dozen bites and two making it to the boat as well as some 10-20 lb blackfin tuna and some delicious snapper and triggerfish .

Nov 2015-  The extremely beautiful warm fall weather has kept the Redfish here longer than normal and the Trout bite has been awesome some days with dozens being caught up to 5 lbs and some nice Flounder still showing up.  Offshore snapper and grouper and big Sea Bass as well as delicious Trigger fish have been a great way to fill the cooler after trolling for billfish and Wahoo.
Oct 2015- Big reds chewing hard inshore and offshore Sailfish and Wahoo and Blackfin tuna .
Sept 2015-  The giant redfish bite has fired off with some trips catching a couple and some catching dozens of 20-50 lb reds in the inlet and along the beach.  Offshore king Mackerel and snapper grouper biting and the Wahoo bite has been great on the 12 hr gulfstream trips.
August 2015 -The redfish bite has been good as well as flounder and spanish mackerel nearshore.  Blacktip sharks have been strong as well up to 100 lbs.
July 20 2015-
We've caught some real nice flounder to 5 1/2 pounds this week as well as Redfish up to 31 inches long and some speckled trout to 5 pounds as well.  Quality fish the last couple weeks but we are having to work for them with some trips producing great fish and some trips having us scratch our heads .   Saw more mullet today in the water than weve seen all year so the predators should be getting fired up.  We had a 3 lb bluefish the other day screaming drag on a light rod and a 300lb Bull shark came 3 feet out of the water with it in his mouth right beside the boat in 5 feet of water !! You just never know what you'll see on the water.  
Offshore we've been  catching Barracuda Spanish Mackerel , King Mackerel and Mahi as well as sharks.  
June 6 th 2015,
 We've caught Cobia , Spadefish, Bluefish, Speckled Trout and Sharks this week on our charters as well as some Mahi Mahi.  Inshore trips run about 4 hours and offshore trips 4-12 hours depending on your preference and what you would like to target. 

May 20 2015-
over 20 Mahi and a blackfin tuna on Sunday. Nice size 10-30 lbs and one in the 40-50 lb range

May 10 2015-
Went to the gulfstream last Sunday, got 4 Wahoo 20-55 lbs, 16 Mahi 10-25 lbs and a limit of big Triggerfish.  Great fishing and weather.  May is the time for hitting the Stream.  10-12 hr stream trips typically see consistent and incredible fishing with everything that swims feeding out there including Billfish and Tuna . The bottom fishing offshore is amazing too .
Inshore we've been catching Flounder , Weakfish, Redfish, Bluefish, and more.  Call or text right now and lets go!

April 14 2015- 
Book your waterfront house vacation and fishing charter now and get Package discount !!!  Rest of April and May 16th -June 6th avail for this Stay and Fish package deal.  See vacation rental home tab on left for 4 bedroom house details .  Fish are biting now inshore and off , so book your vacation getaway now! 

April 10 2015,
Spring fishing is here, flounder are starting to bite and black drum in the waterway and marsh .  Even the redfish have turned on .  
Offshore 45 miles the black bass and snapper have been big and plentiful and even a few reports of cobia showing up.
The Gulfstream has some big wahoo and blackfin tuna and the MAhi have shown up early.  

March 1st 2015-

Well I believe winter is finally winding down and the fishing is heating up.  Gonna hit the 70's this week and we will be hunting Redfish back in the marsh.  I will update results after we get out there.  Gulfstream fishing hasnt been an option for over a month with gale force winds but looks like towards end of this week we may get out there finally.  Should be some big Wahoo and Blackfin Tuna out there .  Close to shore 3-10 miles plenty of sharks and sea bass available.   15-40 miles out some real big bass and other big bottom dwellers avail too.  King Mackerel will show in April along with Cobia.  Book today and well go get em !
Check out youtube link to see sailfish and wahoo videos just uploaded.

February 10 2015-

       Rain and wind today but 70 yesterday.  Big Wahoo and Blackfin Tuna in the Gulfstream all winter and Spring as well as Sailfish and Mako Shark and Mahi Mahi,  We just need the weather to cooperate.  The Gulfstream trip is around 70 miles offshore and a 10-12 hr day.  On shorter trips  10-30 miles out we have big sea bass and lots of them eating about everything you throw to them-delicious , also some nice flounder bite in the deep water some trips .  Within 3-7 miles of the beach we have plenty of 2-4 ft sharks available to tussle with all winter. In the marsh and creeks the redfish are here and getting better every week . They really get fired up in March as well as the black drum. And lastly, dont forget the rental home we have right on the water in Cherry Grove, last April through June we had days with dozens of Flounder caught right off the dock.   Ill put my small boat in there and run trips fishing right behind the house or you can rent it and fish from the private dock if you stay there.  Weather is tough today but the phone has been ringing as everyone sets up their Spring and Summer fishing reservations..  You can see pics of Cherry Grove home by clicking link at top of page or going to .  Shoot me a text to reserve your trip and answer any questions.  I am the owner and captain of both my boats , not a booking service with hired help.  When you book with me , you fish with me.  There are a lot of "businessmen"  buying cheap boats and hiring new captains trying to steal market share from full time professional guides like myself.   If your primary goal is to get the  "cheapest fishing trip ", you can do that in Myrtle Beach, just not with me.   I offer high quality tackle boats and experiences.   Some days have better catches than others but if you fish with me you will be fishing with a full time professional guide who has been doing this for a living over 20 years , I look forward to fishing with you- Capt Cush

Jan 15 2015-

1007 lb Bluefin tuna caught off Moorehead City 2 days ago.  Still hoping to get one this month off our coast.  Wahoo bite and Blackfin Tuna chewing on full day gulfstream trips.  That bite will last til May when the Mahi Mahi take over.  Shots at Sailfish all winter and Spring as well.

Inshore, the cold should have the redfish stacked up in deep holes all winter.  I plan to get out after them once this rain and wind and cold die down.  Big black sea bass available also as this is best time of year to get limits of the 2-5 pound fish that are in the grouper family.  Sharks are numerous all winter as well from2-4 ft long, fun on light tackle and steady action.   Give me a call and lets go get after them !

Nov 10-2014

Inshore bite is incredible right now. On our recent inshore trip this week we had over 30 speckled trout, 15 Black Drum, 3 Redfish and a Flounder.  all in 3 1/2 hours.  We just hit the right place at the right time.

Offshore in the Gulfstream last week we had Wahoo in the 40 pound range and a beautiful Sailfish .  Bottom fishing we have seen Grouper to 20 lbs and fat Sea Bass to 4 1/2 lbs.  Great Fall fishing going on right now.

August 16 2014-

We had a nice Sailfish this week on a gulfstream trip and plenty snapper and big Sea Bass. On inshore trips we ve been landing some nice keeper flounder and Redfish.  The big 20-40 lb redfish will be posting any day and with the tremendous amount of mullet and pogies in the water the steady inshore run of reds and trout will be right on time.  8 hr trips will get you shots at Sailfish this month and African Pompano Amberjack Barracuda and Mahi.  You name it and we ll make a plan to go get em! BTW been an incredibly busy summer thus the lack of updates but thankyou to all my clients that made this season a success.  The best is coming now thru December!!

May 14 2014-
Gulfstream Fishing is HOTTT!! right now.  3 trips in last week with 12-30 Mahi Mahi per trip ,Black Fin Tuna and Wahoo up to 45 pounds. If you ever wanted to go for the big ones , now is the time...
Inshore the Flounder have gotten bigger with alot of keepers now instead of the smaller fish from a couple weeks ago.  The redfish action has picked up and the Grey Trout are at the nearshore hard bottom areas - we caught three nice 18-20 inch fish yesterday along with 100 sm Sea bass and Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish.  Fun time of year to go fishing in myrtle beach.

April 30 th 2014-

Flounder showing up strong!!  Over 30 fish last trip, but small, only one keeper.  Redfish finally biting inshore.  Offshore in the stream the Mahi Mahi are here and Wahoo and Tuna.  Grouper season opens tomorrow!!!  Time to go fishing.  Best time of year to go fishing is NOW !! Inshore or offshore, give me a call or text and Ill get you out there
Capt Cush...

Feb 10 2014-
Sharks and Redfish and Blackdrum and Sea Bass inshore fishing NOW!  
Wahoo to 100 Lbs and Blackfin Tuna up to 30 lbs !! with shots at Mahi Mahi and Billfish in the Gulfstream .
Big delicious Sea Bass 10-50 miles out right now along with Flounder and Snapper and Grouper . Call or text for info or to reserve your Myrtle Beach Fishing Trip , its cold today but warm tomorrow .  I look forward to fishing with you....

Jan1 2014
Happy New Year !! We fished New Years day offshore in the Gulfstream and caught 2 nice Wahoo 39 and 52 pounds , as well as 7 Blackfin Tuna from 10-17 pounds and lost another 3 or 4.   One got eaten by a 14 ft great white shark named Mary Lee right on the surface.  Always an adventure.  Gulfstream fishing is a blast when the weather cooperates.  Looks like we might get a window later this week. Call or text to reserve your fishing trip inshore or offshore now for 2014 !!

November 20 2012-
Wind has kept us inshore the last couple weeks and thankfully the inshore fishing has been incredible.  Redfish, Speckled Trout, Black Drum, Sheepshead, Tautog have all been biting with many trips catching all these species.  The last couple days have been amazing with the Speckled Trout schooled up and we caught 60-70 yesterday in an hour with them hitting live shrimp, Gulp baits and DOA's every cast - yes EVERY cast for 45 minutes.  Best Trout bite I have ever experienced.  We could have caught a couple hundred but thanksgiving commitments drove me off the water.  Offshore, this  is PEAK time of year for Wahoo and Blackfin Tuna as well as bottom fish like snapper, grouper and sea bass.  Weather and seas will lay out soon, and we ll be ready to go get em.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone-
Captain Cush...

October 24 2013- 
King Mackerel bite fired off strong last week and we caught some healthy Amberjack as well .  Inshore has stayed steady and fun with Redfish and some Speckled Trout this week as well as some nice Stripers.  Our biggest Redfish this week was a healthy 46 inch 40+ pounder.  Hoping the big ones stay around .  Heading down the beach to a secret winter trout hole later today- usually this time of year you can catch dozens or more from 1-5 pounds.  Have a shot at the big Redfish and sharks while fishing 'em too.  Its a long run down the beach but within a 1/2 mile of the beach and from now til Christmas is an epic fishery and fun .

October 8 2013-
Inshore the Redfish bite has been outstanding with every trip in September and October catching some.  Quite a few trips have had double digit catches and our best trip released over 30 on a 4hr trip!!!!  Some Speckled Trout and big Flounder being caught also.
Offshore the Gulfstream runs are producing great fishing for Blackfin Tuna and Wahoo as well as Grouper and Snapper.  Fall is peak fishing here so call or text and lets get you out there!

August 23 2013
Today we trolled the beach on a 4 hr trip and caught 3 nice Spanish Mackerel around 2-3 pounds and another 15 DINK throwback Spanish  Mackerel that were awfully small.  We then ran offshore 6 miles and caught a baby bonita and then anchored up to fish for sharks.  We chummed heavy and worked a sabiki rig for live bait that 7 yr old Evan reeled in for us over and over , catching small grunts, pinfish and greenbacks.  All 1/2 pound or less but 3 and 4 at a time gave Evan a reason to enjoy it.  Then another reason came , in the form of a 25 -30 pound Barracuda which ripped a greenback herring under a ballon rig a new one and jumped 8 feet in the air blazing the line off the reel the fish was attached to.   Big Barracuda around  now and some big Spanish mack in the 3-7 pound range as well as Jumbo Redfish and Flounder inshore.  Call today and come get you some, fishing is on !
Offshore on 6-12 hr trips we have been catching Wahoo, African Pompano, Grouper and King Mackerel as well as some monster sharks. Also on 10-12 hr gulfstream trips have shots at all that and Billfish and Tunas !! 

August 21 2013
Caught a real nice 23 " Flounder inshore at the inlet yesterday and four 20-28 inch long ,6-8 pound redfish too.

July is over and on to August.  We have been catching King Mackerel from 10-35 pounds on the 6 and 8 hr offshore trips as well as Cobia and Amberjack with shots at Sailfish and Mahi too.On the 4 and 5 hr trips we are seeing Spanish Mackerel and  Sharks and Barracuda as well as Sea Bass on the Bottom.

On the full day 8-10 hr trips we are targeting Wahoo, Billfish and Blackfin Tuna as well as bottom fishing for Grouper and Snapper and big Sea Bass.
Inshore the Big Reds have been biting at the inlet with some fish topping 30 pounds.

June has been incredible for Cobia and big sharks fishing within 10-25 miles of the beach.  Inshore fishing has seen Flounder and Speckled Trout and Redfish from 1-10 pounds.  Offshore in the Stream we have caught Grouper Amberjack and Tuna and Mahi and Billfish

We have been catching a lot of Cobia and big Sharks last couple days.  10 Cobia on Thursday May 30th and 7 on Saturday May 31st.
 Heading to Gulfstream on Tuesday .  Went last week and caught 10 Mahi Mahi from10-22 pounds and had a 50 plus pounder on for 35 minutes.  Hope to catch him Tues.  We caught a lot of Red drum last week with big fish biting 8-20 pounds .  Also on a nearshore Trout fishing trip we got into a bunch of big Sharks .  Our biggest one was a 120 pound Black Tip shark we fought for 20 minutes before he went away.  While catching the Cobia Thursday and Friday we were surrounded by 6-12 foot long Tiger Sharks and fought a couple for a while.  Tremendous power.  Flounder and Trout biting good now too with June being Peak Flounder Fishing and really Peak everything Fishing.  C'mon, lets go get em.

Myrtle Beach fish have really been biting! While fishing Myrtle Beach on the Charter boat "Bite Me" in the Little River marsh, the catch has included Redfish, Speckled Trout, Black Drum, Sharks and more. Now that May is here the Myrtle Beach Fishing and North Myrtle Beach fishing will just keep getting better with the Redfish fishing becoming much more consistent and the Flounder bite peaking too.. Recently, inshore the Reds and Trout are biting, and also near shore, Sharks and Black Sea Bass are snapping as well as winter trout.  A huge Great White Shark has been casing the area as well.  Book a charter and maybe we can see her! On May 9 2013 we caught 9 Mahi Mahi up to 45 pounds.  Grouper season opened May 1st so that is a great option on the all day trips too.On April 8 2013 we caught a 140 lb Mako Shark and a couple Wahoo up to 45 pounds and some Mahi Mahi as well as a nice Blackfin Tuna.  The Gulfstream is hot right now with all species biting some trips.  Inshore on April 6 we caught over 20 black drum as well as a few Redfish up to 30 inches. And yesterday April 10 we caught 3 Wahoo up to 70 pounds and Barracuda and Grouper .

The Boats

While here in Myrtle Beach go out on the 22 foot inshore Triton fishing boat "Bite Me" or catch some fish offshore in the deep sea on the 35 foot ProLine fishing boat "Bite Me Harder." Each fishing boats offers a high-quality Myrtle Beach fishing adventure! Both of our Myrtle Beach fishing boats utilize the best fishing equipment- Penn, Shimano, and Quantum.  For more information about our inshore and deep sea Myrtle Beach charter boats see our page: The Boats

The Captain

Your Captain for your North Myrtle Beach fishing charters, Myrtle Beach fishing charters, and Calabash fishing charters is Captain Tom "CUSH" Cushman. 

A Message From the Captain:

As the owner operator of this Myrtle and North Myrtle Beach Fishing Guide service I have enjoyed meeting and fishing with the locals and visitors alike.  My goal on every charter fishing trip is for the fishing guests to have the best possible time on their charter fishing adventure!  After 16 years of inshore and deep sea fishing I have spent an average of 250 days a year on the water fishing North Myrtle Beach, fishing Myrtle Beach and fishing Murrells Inlet, as well as fishing Little River, SC and Sunset Beach, NC. I hope to show you and yours a great time on your Myrtle Beach Fishing trip!

If it swims, it’s a target!

Let’s go get ‘em!

Capt’ Cush

Navigating the Website

To see pictures of previous Myrtle Beach Fishing trips go to bottom of this page and there is a small photo gallery.  You can also click on the Fishing Report Page or Pictures pages to see pictures from past fishing charters. To check rates and availability click the Rates page. And if you would like to know what other guests have thought about fishing Myrtle Beach on the charter boat "Bite Me" and the charter boat " Bite Me Harder," please check out the many reviews on the Guestbook page. 

December in the Keys
Great Time! Taking reservations for next December in Lower Keys. This year we caught Sailfish, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and lots of Snappers and Groupers.

  Ask about our SHARK FISHING trips! 

        When you Fish Myrtle Beach with your fishing guide Capt Cush , you will fish North Myrtle Beach and you will fish Little River waters as well as fish Myrtle Beach SC and Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle Beach North Carolina waters since the Inter Coastal waterway winds through the town of Little River and Calabash as it exits to the Ocean out through the Little River Jetties.  Just North of the Jetties is the quiet Island Town of Sunset Beach North Carolina.  It is a small Island community that has its own ocean Inlet called Tubbs Inlet .  This is where we fish for Flounder in the Spring and early Summer.  Inlet fishing here is quiet and peaceful and while drifting along the blue water inside Tubbs Inlet you will have a great chance fishing for a tasty Flounder dinner. The Myrtle Beach Charter Boat         " Bite Me" is a 22 ft Triton Bay Boat powered by a quiet and powerful Yamaha 225 horsepower outboard four stroke engine for inshore and near-shore fishing and sightseeing trips.

 The Myrtle Beach Charterboat "Bite Me Harder" is a 35 foot pro-line center console fishing boat powered by new twin 250 hp yamaha four stroke engines for fishing offshore Myrtle Beach and Gulfstream trips and sightseeing trips around North Myrtle Beach and Little River as we look at Eagles , Sea Turtles and Dolphins.  There are even Shrimp Boats pulling in their nets with tasty local South Carolina shrimp and sometimes we can see sharks running through the bycatch being thrown over by the fishing boats. . It is a fun, fast and fish catching boat and you will definately get looks from other boats and people fishing as we blow by on our way out to the blue Atlantic on our way out to offshore fish or cruise.

Offshore fishing myrtle beach in the Spring brings catches of King Mackerel and Cobia as well as Sharks and Amberjack and Mahi Mahi and Sailfish.  When Gulfstream Fishing 70 miles out , your fishing catches will include Wahoo, Black Fin Tuna and Marlin and Mahi Mahi as well as bottom fishing for Grouper and Snapper .  Your Myrtle Beach fishing trip can be custom designed for what you would like to target by Texting Capt Cush or calling him at 843-997-5850 .

 I have been fishing these waters since 1998 and have been a licensed captain since 1994 .  Trips can be customized according to your requests. 

All Charters are private .  The inshore trips can accommodate 1-4 people with an extra charge for the 5 th person.

The offshore trips can accommodate 1-6 people .

Inshore trips are in Calm Waters with no chance for sea sickness !!
Offshore trips range from fishing along the beach in Myrtle Beach to fishing 90 miles offshore and everywhere in between.   Pictures of the 2 fishing boats can be seen on THE BOAT page. 

Depending on the time of year we use live bait to catch Flounder, Red Drum, Speckled Trout and Black Drum inshore.

Offshore fishing we can target Wahoo , Tuna, King Mackerel , Sharks, Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, Marlin,  Amberjack , Barracuda , Grouper and more...

Sightseeing trips can explore the Inter Coastal Waterway and Salt Marsh looking at Bald Eagles, Dolphins, Wild Goat Island and beautiful tidal marsh land with numerous species of birds and winding saltwater creeks. We will look at Sea Turtles, Oyster Bars, Sandy Islands and gorgeous scenery.  You never know what you will see as I found out in November when a friendly manatee popped up beside our boat while fishing.  A couple years ago when I was coming in from a cold and successful winter Redfish trip we found a Harbour Seal sunning itself on a jetski lift.  It really is magical on the water and even though I am out on the water every week throughout the year I still get surprised and amazed by what I see. 

Fishing Report pages have updates on recent fishing trips as well as my facebook page - capt cush calmwater .  Check it out and come fish Myrtle Beach.  I really look forward to fishing and exploring with you and look forward to helping you have a fun and exciting time here on your vacation.

Book your reservation today and come fish Myrtle Beach...

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